Channel Ranger App Scam – Review


Channel Ranger App Scam is perhaps what they should have named this software. Read this review about the system to find out exactly how much of a scam it might be. Much research has been carried out on this software and the deeper the digging, the more dishonest things look, especially certain elements on their site Forewarned is forearmed as the old saying goes – and it applies well to the situation with the Channel Ranger Software in the sense that by reading this review article, new traders will be armed with enough information to spot the con and give it a complete miss!

Channel Ranger Software Scam – First Clue

Who Is Devlin Miles? This is a very good question, as Devlin seems to be an unknown person in binary trading circles; He has absolutely no profile as a successful trader on any bona fide website, and this absence proves that he lacks credibility, or even a true trading identity. The fact of the matter is that Devlin Miles is actually another paid actor from, whose real name is D.J Young. He has a great profile as a Top Seller there. So the first indication that the Channel Ranger Software is a scam is the presence of Devlin Miles AKA D J Young.

Channel Ranger Scam Review

Review: What Does the Channel Ranger Software Promise?

After a long technical explanation about the Channel Ranger trading APP, the voice-over spiel promises that traders can make between $1,600 and $4K per day with the help of the Channel Ranger’s automated Software. The pre-publicity for the Channel Ranger trading APP explains that by using its expert pattern recognition know-how, the automated Channel Ranger Software can find the most profitable places in the market for binary options traders. These are called Sideways Channels, stable predictable spots in the otherwise volatile currency pairs market.

Once the signal hits the top financial rate, a Put signal is placed, before the price goes down. When the signal hits the bottom financial rate a Call signal is placed, before the price starts to go back up. This pattern will continue until the sideways channel runs out. As this channel is continuous, at least for a while, the decision to take either a Call or a Put option is obvious; the Channel Ranger Software will accurately stop trades once the sideways channel has run out. The winning trade rate is said to be 82%.

The number of signals that are sent per day is very high and this is quite suspicious. A signal rate of up to 200 per day is almost impossible to keep up with; a trader would need to have a lot of cash in his/her trading account to finance all those signals. The explanation for this high ratio of signals is that the Channel Ranger Software deals mostly in short signals, which have a duration from 60 seconds to 5 minutes, before they terminate.

Visual evidence of the Channel Ranger Software is difficult to locate on the Internet. Even after an extended search, including on YouTube, it is difficult to find screenshots or videos of the Channel Ranger Software trading in real time anywhere on the web. Due to this alarming invisibility, it is easy to form the opinion that not only is the Channel Ranger trading APP a likely scam, but also that it is impossible to analyze the software without fully buying in.

There are some screenshots of trading at the bottom of the Channel Ranger Software’s opening page, but these screenshots do not include any details. The details of date, time, duration and profit percentages are just not there. This is not only an indication that The Channel Ranger trading APP might be a swindle and a scam, but for those traders who would like to try some trades on the software, no information is given, which leaves them unable to assess their chances of making a winning investment.

“Devlin Miles” claims that the details have been hidden to maintain Privacy.

Due to these many dubious factors and the lack of verifiable content, the Channel Ranger Software seems like a big, black hole where traders could endlessly lose money.

False testimonials for the Channel Ranger trading APP only add to the picture of potential scammers at work – D J Young was making another testimonial though, falsely speaking about the profits he had made on the Channel Ranger System. And searching through the videos on YouTube about The Channel Ranger System, it is indeed a struggle to find some valid information. It’s easy to tell that many of the videos are made by paid actors, who do nothing but repeat the clichés about the Channel Ranger binary options robot. Although this system is supposed to be revolutionary, the trading robot acts in much the same way as other auto ‘bots do. According to the Channel Ranger spiel, the autotrading robot searches out patterns, details and anomalies that are too small for the human eye to perceive. But insufficient details are given on how it actually works.

Is the Channel Ranger Software a Scam?

After watching the promotional video and considering the fake testimonials mentioned in this article, all evidence point towards the Channel Ranger trading APP being a likely scam. There are no opposing videos, testimonials or screenshots which prove otherwise. In other words not one single person has posted a verifiable testimonial or comment stating that they have made a confirmed profit on The Channel Ranger Software. Voting is closed; it has been definitely proved that the Channel Ranger robot is a likely scam and nothing but a devious Get Rich Quick Scheme.

In Conclusion.

Very little leniency can be given to those who deliberately set out to trick others, especially where money is concerned. People stand to lose their fortune or a large portion of it, when they are conned by scammers. In the case of the Channel Ranger trading APP, no-one has spoken in its favor except for paid actors and those who have given false, well-rehearsed testimonials. That really speaks for itself. By following the rule that before opening a trading account, a trader should look around, do some research and read the testimonials, the Channel Ranger Software has condemned itself, because there are no favorable testimonials and no videos or screenshots which show a legitimate profit being made on this trading platform. Our advice is to stay away.

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