Cash Crew Software Scam? We Review


“Cash Crew Scam” is perhaps what this binary options robot should have been called. Searching the internet will lead to many programs that offer quick cash, and Cash Crew is one of them, but review this potential scam carefully before you invest. Their video starts out with long line of promises to make you rich, and claim that it will cost you nothing. It all sounds good and will leave you asking yourself, Is their autotrading app trustworthy? We don’t think so and will shortly explain why.

Cash Crew System: Scam-Like Marketing

The first clue that Cash Crew is probably a scam is that their hard sell approach. We will ignore the fact for a moment that you cannot even read their page or watch their video without an annoying popup that asks you to buy their product. The only evidence that they present is supposed testimony from people who went from poverty to the lifestyle of the rich and famous using no money and only the Cash Crew trading APP. One might be more inclined to believe these testimonies if it were not for the appearance that the people in the video are not real.

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That’s right, Cash Crew Software used purchased stock photography for their video. The CEO, George Patterson, can be found nowhere but the Cash Crew scam video. The CEO is not even willing to back up his product and show his face on the video, if he is even a real person at all. If the video is not real, why would you believe anything else about them is real either? Let’s take a look at their supposed wealth generating system.

Cash Crew Stolen Identity

Look closely at the pictures on the Cash Crew website. The picture of Jason O’Connell, supposedly from Birmingham, UK is not who it appears to be. This is actually a picture of filmmaker Sam Muirhead, a German filmmaker []. It appears that they simply stole it, cropped it, and used it for their own, which is a clear violation of copyright law. If Cash Crew is bold enough to steal the identity from a German filmmaker, who has no apparent connection to them, they are likely bold enough to steal from anyone. It is against the law to take an image and use it without the permission of the owner of that image.

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Cash Crew Binary Options Robot Review

The method that Cash Crew uses to make you millions is a mystery. They go through a long, unbelievable story, telling you how they discovered the secret, but they never actually tell you what it is. They hint that it is an autotrading robot based on binary options, but they are not clear. This only thing that can be known for certain is that investing using instruments such as binary options, forex markets, and hedge funds is not an easy task. One should be weary of Cash Crew claims that a trading robot can replace the decision making skill of a real human being.

A Forex robot works by using an algorithm to determine when certain trading indicators are present. However, this is only one tool that is used by real experienced traders when deciding to make a decision. Many different algorithms, methods, and strategies exist in the world of investment. There are many good ones and bad one available, but regardless of the system and how good the algorithm, when it comes to placing the actual trade, the investor will use their own experience, or perhaps consult with others to gain feedback on their findings. Only after a few months of trading could one trust such as serious decision to an autotrading robot – and only then it should be a robot with a solid track record of success.

The Cash Crew Scam Mystery

The only thing that this review could find about the Cash Crew likely scam is that it leaves many questions unanswered. They have demonstrated their ability to provide vague information, and to steal images off the internet, but little else. You might notice that they never give you enough information to follow up on the “fact”, such as this 13 years of experience at this mystery hedge fund, which is never named. They never tell you how their “magic” cash generator works. They only mention a few technical terms to make themselves appear to be knowledgeable.

About that claim that you can get started for nothing, it is just another case of bait and switch. They Cash Crew software costs you nothing, but in their FAQs, you will find that you need to invest at least $250 to get started in their program. Perhaps even more telling is that they have hidden their disclaimers at the bottom of the page in tiny unreadable font that blends into the background. The average person might not even see them, but scroll over them with your mouse, and you will see that the site makes no guarantees. Cash Crew informs you that all of your money is at risk. That’s right, the fine print says that they intend to take your hard earned $250 and you might get nothing in return.

Nothing can replace the experience and support of a company that has your best interests at heart. Unfortunately, this review could not find this type of service and support with Cash Crew. This probable scam was one of the worst found to date. This statement is based on their lack of information, outright theft of copyrighted material, and the extent that they went to in making certain that no one could actually follow up on their claims. It is difficult to believe anything about the Cash Crew website based on their actions and representation of themselves.

Color us cynical but their video smells beyond fishy:



This review asks you to please do your research before investing with any company. The best ones will be open and honest about how their system works. They will offer support, education, and will work to make you a success. This Cash Crew review could not find these qualities in the Cash Crew robot and so we feel it is a scam. It pays to do your research, otherwise, you will be the one to lose in the end. This is one thing Cash Crew hopes that you will not do before clicking on that persistent pop up on their website.

But don’t fret. There are some good trading robots out there. Check out our reviews for:  Virtnext and Dow Jones Focus Group.

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