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Capital One Forex which started as a special educational center for traders is now a popular broker. Capital One Forex is completely transparent in everything and it always focuses on providing superior customer service to clients. Capital One Forex is a broker with which you may love to trade as it is also providing special 250% trade able bonus. Know more about Capital One Forex and its special bonus offer in this post.

Capital One Forex Focuses on Clients Need

It is a different type of broker as it always focuses on the need of the clients. Capital One Forex decided to come with Micro and Islamic account type only because clients needed it. Many brokers never consider what their clients need, and that’s why Capital One is different from many brokers. It is trying to understand the requirement of clients so that it can provide them with the best experience.

Different Account Types

Capital One Forex is best option for all types of traders as it has got different account types with different benefits. Micro account is for new traders and minimum deposit allowed is $100. Another good type of account is Gold account which accepts deposits from $1000. Platinum account is for established traders and the minimum deposit for it is $10,000. There is even a special type of Islamic account which can be opened with Capital One Forex by depositing $500 only.

Completely Professional and Convenient Service

Capital One Forex has always stayed committed as a broker and it never disappoints traders. It offers the most professional and convenient service to clients so that they can achieve all their trading goals. It is making use of cutting-edge technology to make clients become completely happy and you’ll always find something new introduced every year by Capital One Forex.

Different Platforms for Trading

Capital One Forex has got different platforms for traders so that they can get maximum convenience. Web trader, Meta Trader 4, iPhone Trader and iPad Trader are the platforms available for traders. Trade from anywhere and at anytime at Capital One Forex using the platform which you find comfortable.

250% Trade Able Bonus Offer by Capital One Forex

Capital One Forex to support the trading position of clients is giving a special 250% trade able bonus to traders especially for trading purpose. The leverage offered to clients getting the bonus can be up to 1:1000. A good thing about the Capital One Forex’s 250% trade able bonus is that there is no need to do any minimum trading nor there are any hidden terms. Clients are allowed to withdraw the bonus amount as well as the profit made using the 250% bonus whenever they want to. So deposit now if you want to get 250% bonus from Capital One Forex.

$10 Instant for Traders Choosing Rebates Account

There is special benefit for traders choosing rebates account and that’s why you shouldn’t miss to know anything about it. Traders get $10 instantly as rebate in their trading account which is the special benefit of ‘rebates account’. Traders need to trade more lots as for every lot client gets $10. An additional benefit provided to clients is that rebate can be withdrawn anytime.

Instant Support for Clients

This is one of the brokers offering the best support to traders. You can contact Capital One Forex’s support team by making use of email, chat or you can even opt for Teamviewer support. The support team is always there to solve any doubt related to trading or regarding any bonus offer.

Capital One Forex is definitely making traders happy by focusing on the quality of service. Its 250% credit bonus offer is allowing its clients to make more money from trading. You’ll be able to find the perfect account complaint for your type of trading and you’ll be able to get maximum success by trading with Capital One Forex.

Capital One Forex

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  1. Alex Cavalcanti Pereira says

    I am working with Capital One Forex for 6 months now.They are perfect.They have a good support.And also their bonuses are very good.

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