Caesar Trade Providing All-In Bonus 200% Account

Caesar Trade wants the traders making use of it as a broker to keep trading for a long time. A trader can begin trading at Caesar Trade even with $25 and that’s why many new traders are getting addicted to Caesar Trade and its 200% All-In bonus. It is one of the brokers which shall allow you to maximize profits by even depositing a small amount in your Caesar Trade account. The latest offer by Caesar Trader is a special All-In Bonus of 200% which is very useful. Know all the conditions related to the special All-In bonus of 200% as well as how you can start trading with Caesar Trade.

If you’re going to trade options, then you should know that the minimum trading size allowed is $5. For trading, minimum lot allowed is 0.01 only which shall allow you to keep trading and get maximum profits.

Bonus Period – 2016 All Year

Joining Page : Open Caesar Trade Account 

Available to : New and Existing traders

 Special conditions related to the All-In bonus of 200% which Caesar Trade is providing.

  1. Leverage applicable for traders getting the 200% All-In bonus is 200:1.
  2. The special 200% bonus can be availed on every deposit made in Caesar Trade account. A benefit is that bonus is provided by Caesar Trader on every deposit made by the Trader in the account opened with this broker.
  3. Even if you have lost the bonuses which you got with previous deposits, then also you’ll be able to get this 200% bonus.
  4. Traders can make only one withdrawal per month.
  5. Clients can only withdraw up to 80% of the amount invested by them in a month.
  6. A fee of 10% will be levied if you have got the 200% bonus and have not done any trading for one month.
  7. There are some clients who have just joined Caesar Trade to get this special bonus. For maintaining a fair trading environment, Caesar Trader has made it compulsory that traders cannot ask for refund of the initial deposit made by them.

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Other Bonus Offers by Caesar Trade

There is a 30% welcome bonus offer available and a client can get this bonus up to $30,000. Remember that clients can redeem the bonus only upon the completion of the volume requirements. Caesar Trade even provides a special offer which is Reverse Bonus allowing the traders to get back the lost initial investment amount for trading purpose.

Traders who want to trade big lots can go for the 400% special bonus offer which is available up to the investment of $25,000. Know the terms and conditions related to this bonus before you apply for the 400% bonus.

The All-In bonus of 200% is definitely one of the best offers provided currently by Caesar Trade. Do make sure that you get the benefits soon as the 200% bonus may not be available in future as everyone is claiming it. If you have joined Caesar Trade recently, then you’ll get surprised seeing that not only All-In bonus of 200%, but also many other special offers are available for traders.

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