RoboForex Bonus 100 % On Deposits

RoboForex Deposit Bonuses Up to 100% and 115%

RoboForex is a Forex trading broker which has been popular from years. It clearly understands that traders want to increase the trading volume and earn maximum profit by trading. Bonus plays an important role as it helps new traders have more money in their trading account. RoboForex is running a special deposit bonus program and it will not only allow you to get bonus up to 100%, but also up to 115%.

Trade conveniently by opening an account at RoboForex as it is the trading broker which makes trading become more convenient and more profitable.

All the new as well as existing traders can get 100% or even 115% bonus from RoboForex. For getting 100% bonus, the minimum amount required to be deposited is 300 USD. You’ll get eligible for 500 USD bonuses only after depositing minimum 500 USD. So the more you’ll deposit, more will be the amount of bonus that you’ll be getting from RoboForex.

Bonus Period: 2015 all year

Available to: – New and Existing Clients

Claim your Bonus here:  RoboForex: Bonus up to 100%

 How to Get Bonus from RoboForex?

  1. Open a Live trading account immediately with RoboForex.
  2. Deposit the amount required for getting eligible for the bonus.
  3. You’ll need to visit the Clients section for claiming the bonus.
  4. If you don’t get bonus, then you should contact the customer chat of RoboForex for getting the bonus and your problem solved immediately.

 Best Features of the 100% and 115% Bonus Program by RoboForex

  1. RoboForex is liked by traders because it offers wide choice of payment systems. This is done by RoboForex so that you’ll be conveniently able to deposit money in your new trading account.
  2. Not only on the first deposit, but bonus is given for all the deposits which will be done by you. 30,000 USD is that maximum sum of bonuses that you can receive from RoboForex.
  3. You won’t be disappointed as you can get bonus with all type of MetaTrader4 Fix and Pro accounts. It won’t give you bonus if you have opened an ECN or CopyFX account. Any type of cent and standard account opened with RoboForex gets eligible for this special bonus.
  4. There are no restrictions on withdrawing the profit. Even if you’ll be trading with bonus funds, you’ll be able to withdraw the profit easily.
  5. Even the bonus funds can be withdrawn from the RoboForex trading account once all the trading volume requirements are fulfilled.

Pass the complete verification to increase the limit of total amount of bonuses that you can get on single as well as multiple accounts. On a single account you’ll be able to get total bonuses up to 15,000 USD, while on multiple accounts you’ll be able to get bonuses up to 30,000 USD.

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Some of the Important Terms and Conditions

  1. A client can decline the bonus whenever he wants to as RoboForex gives complete freedom to its clients. Once the bonus is declined, a client will be easily able to withdraw money without any limitations.
  2. There are no limitations on the number of accounts that can be made or the number of transactions that can be done.
  3. You always need to make sure that the equity on your account is higher than the active bonus amount.
  4. Trading volume is calculated by calculating the transactions for currency pairs as well as metals. All the transactions done after the bonus had been transferred to the account will be considered by RoboForex.
  5. RoboForex can deny bonus to any client at any time as well as cancel the bonus funds whenever it wants to and no reason may be given for it.

RoboForex is definitely trusted by most traders. The ‘Deposit Bonus’ page at their website will give you more idea about how you can easily receive or withdraw the bonus. If you’re not having a live account, then you can open a Demo account for trading for free at RoboForex. It may soon come with more special bonus promotions and that’s why you need to keep visiting the RoboForex website.

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