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HotForex.com is one of the best brokers we have found on the internet, offering not one, but three fantastic promotions that we feel will excite just about any forex trader. In this review, we will give you the lowdown on the promotions offered on hotforex.com and discuss the terms and conditions accompanying each one. We are sure you will find one that perfectly suits your personal taste and/or trading style.

100% SuperCharged Bonus

HotForex Supercharged Bonus

How it works:

Hotforex.com’s supercharged bonus offers an amazing 100% on every deposit over $250 (USD) up to $50,000! But, that’s not all this fantastic promotion offers! You can also earn daily Supercharged Cash Rebate of $2 per lot which will be deposited directly to your account.

For example, if you make a deposit of $500 into an approved live account to which the 100% Supercharged Bonus has been applied, you will be credited a bonus credit of $500, thus effectively doubling your deposit.

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The following terms and conditions apply:

  1. The 100% SuperCharged Bonus can be only be applied to FIX, Premium, Currenex and Islamic accounts.
  2. The 100% SuperCharged Bonus can only be applied to 1 account per client and IP address.
  3. The Maximum cumulative amount of credit earned from the 100% SuperCharged Bonus is capped at $50,000 (USD).
  4. If your equity falls below the level of the 100% SuperCharged Bonus, the Bonus will be automatically removed from your account.
  5. The 100% SuperCharged Bonus Credit is for trading only. You cannot withdraw the Bonus Credit, only your own profits, rebates and deposits can be withdrawn at any time.
  6. If you do choose to make a withdrawal of any type (profits, rebates or deposits), this will result in your 100% SuperCharged Bonus credit being reduced by the amount of your withdraw.
  7. The maximum cumulative rebate amount is $8,000 (USD)
  8. A trade must be closed in order for the rebate to be applied.
  9. The value of the rebate is calculated as the pip value of the Forex product in volumes of 0.1 lots per lot traded on Forex (only positions over 0.2 lots qualify for the rebate).
  10. The Rebate Value is $2 per qualifying Round Turn lot traded on Gold.
  11. Positions must be open for more than one minute in order to to qualify for the rebate. If the position is open for more than one minute but less than two minutes, then you will only qualify for 50% of the stated rebate amount. Positions open for more than two minutes will qualify for the full rebate amount.
  12. The minimum amount that can be credited to your account, daily, is $5(USD). If your cumulative rebates earned from a day’s trading activity are less than $5, you will not be paid the rebate. You will only be paid when the cumulative unpaid rebates reach $5 or more.
  13. Any Rebates earned under this program cannot be used any other bonuses offered by HotForex.com

Hotforex Rescue Bonus

How it works:

The 30% HotForex Rescue Bonus is an excellent bonus program that allows traders to protect their accounts from drawdown periods. The Rescue Bonus can be lost without any limitations and can also be used as margin.

These terms and conditions may apply:

  1. The minimum deposit is $50 (USD) in order to qualify for the 30% HotForex Rescue Bonus.
  2. The 30% Rescue bonus will applied to every deposit of $50 or more.
  3. The 30% Rescue Bonus can only be applied to one account per client.
  4. This HotForex Bonus is not available to residents of Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Israel or Egypt.
  5. You can use the 30% Rescue bonus as a stop loss since there is no limitation in using it for trading purposes.
  6. You cannot under and circumstances withdraw this bonus.
  7. The maximum amount of Rescue Bonus that be claimed is $7,000(USD) per client.
  8. Any withdrawals made on an account will be automatically deducted from the 30% Rescue Bonus. The amount deducted will be the Withdrawal amount times 30% (for instance if you withdraw $100 then $30 will be deducted from your bonus amount.
  9. Any bonus amount that has been removed cannot be reclaimed on subsequent deposits. In other words, any bonus claimed, lost or removed will still count toward the maximum Rescue Bonus amount of $7,000(USD)
  10. If you withdraw all of your own funds, then any remaining 30% Rescue Bonus amount that has been credited will also be removed in their entirety.
  11. Micro Account has a maximum leverage of 1:500
  12. If you have received and lost the maximum total bonus, then you cannot open another 30% Bonus Account.
  13. If you reach the Stop out Limit, you are entitled to an additional 30% Bonus on subsequent deposits.
  14. The maximum cumulative Stop out Bonus is $3,000(USD)
  15. The ‘Stop out Bonus’ will be applied to your account only after you have received the maximum 30% Rescue Bonus.
  16. The ‘Stop out Bonus’ is not applied automatically, but you are required to email hotforex.com with your Trading Account number at rescue@hotforex.com, and you will receive the ‘Stop out Bonus’ once you have met all the requirements.

Hotforex 100% Credit Bonus

How it works:

Hotforex.com’s 100% Credit bonus allows you to increase your trading volume by receiving a bonus sum in your account that can be withdrawn without any limitations or restrictions if you have met all of the requirements listed below.

The Terms and conditions:

  1. The 100% Credit bonus applies to new deposits of a minimum of $100(USD) (or another equivalent currency)
  2. This 100% Credit Bonus is only available for Micro, Premium, Islamic, FIX and Currenex Accounts.
  3. Upon completing the volume requirements, you will need to send an email to support@hotforex.com requesting the release of the bonus within 3 months of meeting the requirements.
  4. The Maximum amount that you can have active in the 100% Credit Bonus promotion is $30, 00(USD)
  5. If you have multiple trading accounts, the sum of the bonus award for all account cannot exceed $100,000(USD)
  6. In order to withdraw the 100% Credit Bonus from your account, you will need to make transactions in the amount of (Bonus Sum) /2 = (Number of Lots). For example, if you receive $200 bonus, you will need to make a transaction equal to $200/2= 100 lots.
  7. Only those trades that have a minimum of 3 pip different between the opening and closing prices are counted toward the volume requirement.
  8. You must be at least 18 years of age or over the legal age (ie. not a minor) in order to qualify for the HotForex 100% Credit Bonus
  9. Any withdrawal you make from your account will be subject to the proportionate removal of the bonus amount awarded.
  10. When a Client makes a withdrawal from their account, they will be subject to a proportionate removal of the bonus amount awarded. In other words, if you withdraw $50 from your account, then $50 will be automatically deducted from the 100% Bonus amount previously claimed and awarded.
  11. If you have not met all of the requirements of the program, then you cannot withdraw more than your original deposit (plus profits or minus losses) at any time. Once your original deposit has been withdrawn, the bonus is lost.
  12. If you have not completed the volume requirements, the 100% Credit bonus can only be used for credit purposes.
  13. If your equity goes below the amount of the bonus, then the bonus will be automatically removed.

Article written by James – Admin

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