Binary X Trader Software Review Scam – A Lethal One


While it’s true that binary trading can offer good rewards, Binary Trader X definitely isn’t one of them. The Binary X Trader Software, is a scam that you need to stay away from. The Binary X Trader Software allegedly comes with super algorithms that they will multiply your money everyday. Baloney. Our review dissects all their shenanigans.

Review: Binary X Trader is a Scam

The Great Returns

This is one binary trading scam that promises you extraordinary returns. It talks about an 85% success rate and incredible earnings through binary trading. Now, that is the first red flag which you should really be aware of. Traders will vouch for the fact that trading in binary options and Forex Markets is a risky business and most trading robots do not reach anywhere near this level (though some do). And in this case, reviews and feedback from dozens of our readers indicate a “win” rate closer to 20% with this bot!

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Based on Readers Feedback’s posted in Comments all over our site – many are saying that Ultimate4Trading and EZTrader are a SCAM. Our review of that product was based on only a 1-week trial. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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The Losses

In fact, chances of losing all your money are very much real. What did we first notice when we visited Binary X Trader? Binary X Trader first asks for your name and email id and then registers you for a trial period of 60 days. However, this is where that the fun ends. Binary X Trader carries out their scam in a very different way than the other typical auto trading robot scams out there.

Only Connects You To A Binary Trader

Interestingly, all that binary Trader X does is connect you to a broker system who will then keep on asking for your investment, without much or no return. You do not get a program that teaches you anything. You do not get a program where you can improve upon your skills and do better. Instead, you get a program where the makers only connect you to a sloppily programmed binary options robot and a team who seem to know the trick of pilfering your cash You get a minimal return on your investment but more often than not, you’ll have to incur losses. This just doesn’t happen with you but with just about everyone who takes part in this program. The tall claims of an initial $250 turning magically into thousands and then millions of dollars isn’t true.

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Binary X Trader – The Common Con Tactics

The other tactics played by this binary trading scam is among the most common ones. For one, they urge you to subscribe to their program and services before time runs out. While some competitor scam programs use a timer that keeps n refreshing from the same amount each time you refresh the page, Binary X Trader uses a little smarter method. It just states that the program seats are limited and can be filled up any instant if you are late.

When you visit the page, a video pops up. Up comes the various great things the program has helped accomplish. The video also urges you to register quickly with them, for their slots are limited and will be filled up very soon. They have been saying this for the past one year, from the time this video has surfaced. The fundamental bait which this site uses are the terms “free” and “big money”, keywords which easily attract people.

Auto-trader from Binary X Trader

There is a funny part to this scam too. The Binary X Trader Software claims to be an automated system which works for you 24/7. You get the analysis from an automated system which may not always bring in the results. Additionally, remember that no trader will usually work for 24/7, because it is just not needed. The markets are closed during the weekends and trading does not take place. What does the Binary X Trader Software do then, if it is still activated, as it claims it is?

Tall claims by Binary X Trader

Jeff Foxworth, the inventor of Binary X Trader Software, is also shown as “Jeff Gold” when he exhibitions his online bank account to the world. You get to learn about six digit figure earnings that changed his life and can now change yours. It seems like that magic formula that you’ve always wanted.

It is one of the hard selling methods often adopted by binary trading scams where you’re fed with all the amazing results users have got from the product. No worthwhile product will nag about its success and urge people to buy. Word of mouth is good enough.

Video review by one of our concerned readers!


No free lunch

Coming back to the free part. Remember, registering to the site is free. They will only ask for your name and registered email id. But once you are connected to a binary options trader, he will have nothing of you except your credit card details. You are expected to invest as per his advice and trade. As we have clearly mentioned earlier, trading in binary and forex markets are the most risky forms of business. Hence, do not expect explosive growth and or anything near the figures the video of Binary X Trader show.

Binary X Trader is among the long list of scams which we have reviewed. They play on the gullibility of the interested individual, entice him with the lure of quick money and then makes him lose all of his.

Final Verdict

Binary X Trader is a scam that you need to avoid. It talks about a limited registration list that never gets exhausted. It talks about returns that you can never achieve. And more importantly, it does nothing but just connect you to a sloppy trading software that takes massive risks with your money. While not all binary trading programs are scams and can help you earn good rewards, this definitely is one of the bad ones. Stay away from it. Where There are many other forms of legitimate and less risky methods of trading. There are plenty of bona-fide and helpful binary trading robots which can actually help you make some money.

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