Binary Secret Scam: Our Review Puts It To Rest


Right now, in the binary options world, there are countless trading robot scams; take the Binary Secret trading robot, for example at The following is a review on it, which showcases every dirty little tactic that its founder decided to embellish it with in order for people to believe that they have found their ‘one and only.’ This forex robot is the type of system that needs to vanish from the Internet ASAP! Even though it has been around the block for a little while, a lot of people, who were more than likely in a desperate stage in their life when they encountered it, decided to invest in it.

Binary Secret Review: Providing the 411! 

This system is a new version of an older scam that tricked many individuals; it is just wrapped differently, but it holds the same principles as the other dump. Not principles that are backed by honesty, but principles that are backed by dishonesty. There is a clear difference . . . you know?

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Based on Readers Feedback’s posted in Comments all over our site – many are saying that Ultimate4Trading and EZTrader are a SCAM. Our review of that product was based on only a 1-week trial. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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David Craig . . . Come out of Your Hiding Spot . . .

You know, Craig, a photo of yourself on the official page of the Binary Secret software just doesn’t do it for anybody. On the official page of any legitimate system, one can expect to come across an introductory video that showcases the founder of the system. Not only that, but one can expect to Google his or her name and find more information about that particular founder, including different ways to easily get in contact with him.

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According to the content right next to the photo, Mr. Craig is a certified analyst with the WWFA academy. Allegedly, he worked with one of the biggest brokers on Wall Street for 12 years. While working, he was able to find a unique pattern that allows one to make meaningful profits on a daily basis. The content goes on to say that 10 months ago, Craig was able to make this pattern into a profiting software, with the aid of software engineers.

If this David Craig man has worked on Wall Street for 12 years, one would think that there must be some kind of information about him, right? That is not the case whatsoever with this man that goes by the name of David Craig. He is not a certified analyst with the WWFA Academy. The photo that is present on the page of the Binary Secret program is false. It is a stock image, which was not a shocker whatsoever. That man in the photo appears to be very well kept, always at the gym and going the extra mile to look good, which makes sense, as he is a model, not somebody who works at Wall Street.

Nowadays, Proof Makes the World Go Round

Supposedly, the success rate of this software is 93.62%. That is a percentage that you can expect from a credible system. With that type of percentage, you are being guaranteed that you will see more wins than anything else. This is the type of percentage that you want to deal with, but you are not going to deal with it with the Binary Secret program. There is no proof that showcases its success rate, just claims that anybody can write down and call them “legit.” There is content on the homepage that states that this system has already been tested with 2,432 users. Again . . . where is the proof? Nowadays, proof makes the world go round. If there is no proof available, forget about it! One should always opt to play it safe in the binary options courtyard.

DJ Young Has This Sketchy System Covered

DJ Young is the username of an individual who provides any type of testimonial that is needed, for some dollars. If one opts to watch the testimonial video present on the Binary Secret’s webpage, one will be able to see what his acting work is all about. Is he good at acting? Not at all. His skills are weak. He states that he has been able to garner meaningful sums with the Binary Secrets system, but it is quite obvious that his statement is a grand lie.

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Binary Secret’s Team Is Purchasing ‘Credibility’

Yes, the team behind this trap is going the extra mile, trying to sound as credible as possible by trying to purchase no other than ‘credibility.’ Since the Binary Secret software is currently being bombarded by many negative reviews from individuals who are not content with the results that they obtained from using the Binary Secret software, they are paying several bloggers who are known to provide positive reviews about systems when there is some money on the table. Yes, in general, a lot of bloggers are getting paid to write good things about systems and products. The fact of the matter is that the truth always comes to light; therefore, by them purchasing posts in order to lure more people in, it is only going to work for a little while.

Investments Are Turning into Zeros

People who have tried the Binary Secret system made an investment, and the ones who were lucky noticed that their accounts were locked in a matter of days. Those individuals who were not so lucky noticed that their accounts were locked in just a few hours after making their initial investments. It is clearer than water that the real founder of the Binary Secret only cares about stealing the money that people give when they fall into all the fake claims that the Binary Secret comes accompanied with.

After all that, their sales video is a lame joke:


Final Verdict

The Binary Secret is as false as a $4.00 USD bill. All the claims that the official website of the Binary Secret states are not true. There is no proof available that can make one think differently. There is just not one single truth about the Binary Secret, that is evident; therefore, spread the word about its fakeness, and opt for something that is real, as there is no time nor money to waste.

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