Binary Options Risk Free Trades – Strategy Advice

In order to get more traders to use their services, brokers offer many different kinds of benefits and promotions. These benefits range from free educational material to bonuses for deposits, with many other types of promotions in between.

One type of promotion you may come across from time to time is what is known as risk free trades. When trading with binary options, risk free trades can be of great benefit to you as it helps you to greatly minimize your risk of losing money in the binary options market.

In order to make use of risk free trades, you will have to find a binary options broker who offers this kind of incentive. While there are many different binary options brokers, with many offering risk free trades, not all of them are the same. In order to get the most from binary risk free trading, you should familiarize yourself with any rules and regulations the broker may have in conjunction with the Risk Free Trades offer, so that you know what you are getting and how to use it.

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Risk free trades allow binary options traders to make binary options trades without having to risk any of their money on those trades. Basically, the binary options broker will allow you to place a trade in the binary options and if you are wrong, then instead of losing your investment in that particular option, whatever capital you invested in the option will be returned to you. On the other hand, if you are correct then you will get to keep all of the profits from your successful trade. This means that no matter whether your binary options trade is successful or not, you will not be risking any of your capital, as the broker will cover your losses.


The benefit of binary options risk free trades is that it can provide you a safety net when you are just starting out with a new broker or in binary options in general. You can safely trade in the binary options market without worrying about losing your money, while you are learning strategies or getting to know the market or the broker’s software or while trying new strategies.

The best way to make use of risk free binary options trading is to make your largest investments under the risk free trades. In this way, you stand to gain the greatest return on your trade while risking none of your own money. If you know that you will not lose your money, regardless of how much invest in your binary options trade, then it only makes sense to trade as much as you can to see the greatest return on investment.

As mentioned, however, it is highly recommended that you read any rules the broker may have regarding the risk free trades, as there may be limits on the amount of money you can trade, or the number of trades or types of trades you may be allowed to make.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the rules of the risk free trading options offered by your broker, you will find that the benefits of risk free trading can be quite rewarding and trading much more enjoyable when you know you aren’t risking your own money but still reaping the rewards.

Brokers Offering Risk Free Binary Options Trading

As previously mentioned there are many different Binary Options Brokers that offer risk free trading. We have checked out several different brokers and have listed a few of the better offers here to get you started in Risk Free Binary Options Trading.

OptionFair offers a great incentive program which gives you up to 5 binary options risk free trades. With over 100 commodities, stocks, indices and forex currency pairs to choose from, there is something for every kind of binary options trader here.

There are 4 main monetary mechanisms to choose from: High/Low, Boundary, One touch and Short Term with further specializations as High Yield, Touch/No Touch, Above/Below and short term trades ranging from 60 Second trades to 5 Minutes.

OptionsFair offers:

  1. No Fees, spreads, commissions or other hidden charges
  2.  Fast and simple trading with a top notch trading platform and a wide variety of assets
  3.  A regulated broker offering total transparency, accountability and fairness.

With OptionFair’s risk free binary options trading promotion, they will refund any losses the trades will count as a bonus. You can then invest the returned funds on any assets you want. There are (as with any Risk Free Trading Promotion) certain trading requirements you must meet before you are able withdraw the money.

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Bloombex Options

Bloombex Options is a great binary options broker that offers one of the best risk free binary options trading promotions out there. With Bloombex, binary options traders are allowed to makes risk free trades for a whole week. The risk free amount is covered up to $5,000 during the first week or your first deposit amount, whichever is greater.

With Bloombex Options, you can make a withdraw request at any time, but any withdraw request during the Risk Free trading week will void the full policy. If a withdrawal request is made, then the risk free policy will no longer be valid. Also, you must make a minimum deposit of $500 in order to take advantage of their Binary Options Risk Free Trading promotion.

Bloombex is the leading binary options trading platform in the market, providing traders with a great trader experience.

Some of the benefits of using Bloombex Options trading platform include:

Benefits of the Bloombex-Options platform: 

  1.  Simple trading – easy to understand with clear explanations
  2. A Very wide range of assets including most commodities, stocks, indices and forex currency pairs
  3. Extremely user friendly
  4.  Quick and easy deposits/withdrawals
  5.  Free Mobile Apps that allow their binary options traders to trade anywhere and anytime

The Bloombex-Options vision is to give binary options traders the safest and most convenient trading experience available. Through their partnership with Reuters, they allow you to receive live data streams that can be checked at any given moment. They also have a top notch support system with expert traders to help answer all your questions, and give you advice on how to best use your Risk Free Binary Trading options.


Boss Capital offers a great promotion of up to 10 risk free binary options trades when you open a new account with them. This is great for the new trader who may not be familiar with trading binary options but wants to see how successful they might be in the binary options trading market.

Boss Capital offers:

  1. Live trading signals
  2. No hidden fees and zero spread
  3. No commissions
  4.  Controlled Risk Investment

Boss Capital also offers its binary options traders a Trading Academy, with educational tools that include an eBook, training videos and webinars, to help you get the most from your binary options trading.

Boss Capital also has excellent customer support that is available 24/7 with satellite offices all over the world, so you will never be without help. You can take advantage of their great customer service to ask any questions about your Risk Free trading and they will also provide you with hints and tips to get the most out of your risk free binary options trading.

Terms and conditions may apply, so be sure to read through all the requirements before you start trading, in order to maximize your success in your risk free binary options trading. If you have any questions, be sure to take advantage of the excellent customer support program offered by Boss Capital.

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