Is Binary Matrix Pro a Scam? Our Review Gets Into the Nitty Gritty


Three days ago, we received an email in our inbox from one of our visitors, asking us if we could review the Binary Matrix Pro trading robot. We had never heard of it before, so we did not know from the get-go if it was legit or another scam system. Upon reviewing it, we found out that it is a scam. We made sure to present a review that states why we came to this conclusion, from beginning to end, as our website was not established to just let you know which systems are bogus, and then opt to just keep on walking. Unlike other websites that conduct reviews, we stop, analyze, conduct research, write, inform, wait on audience reaction, and then proceed to the next task that our visitors want us to undertake. Maybe this is why our dedicated readers keep visiting us. We really appreciate your support, as with it, you are helping the community grow and thus become wiser as a whole when it comes to which auto-trading robots are worth the try and why others are not; therefore, a lot of deceivers are going far away, for good. Thank you!

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Based on Readers Feedback’s posted in Comments all over our site – many are saying that Ultimate4Trading and EZTrader are a SCAM. Our review of that product was based on only a 1-week trial. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Review: Binary Matrix Pro Binary Options Robot Is Wrapped Differently

Unlike other systems that we have reviewed in the past, with the Binary Matrix Pro scam, we did not get thrown back from the start, as it is presented in a very professional structured website, which is very rare to see when it comes to frauds. The grammar we noticed is impeccable, which is quite impressive. For these two reasons, we comprehend why so many people have decided to give it a shot. For some reason, anything that is wrapped with a high-quality presentation ends up being trusted. Instead of falling for something very quick just because of its external shell, one should go the extra mile and do some digging.

Now, the good things stop with the two previously mentioned positives, because as soon as we began to read the information that is presented, more than a handful of red flags started to rise in our minds.

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Scam: The Unwrapping Begins, and It Is Not Pretty

To start off, the squad of the Binary Matrix Pro forex robot advertises a performance result on that goes back to 2013. After checking with, we found out that the domain of this system is not more than two years old. What a shock that was to us . . . not. Before February of 2014, the Binary Matrix Pro software did not exist. It appears that the team behind the Binary Matrix Robot decided to just recently set up an email marketing campaign; as after further digging, we found out that in the year 2014 through mid-2015, only a couple of people were talking about it, in a negative way. Now, if one opts to conduct some research on what people, who have already tried it, are saying about it, one will find a great number of negative reviews on a variety of different online platforms. Sooner or later, the Binary Matrix Pro is going to come to an end. They are literally hanging themselves with this massive email marketing campaign that they are conducting. In order for them not to get their hands on your email, make sure that you only share it with websites who do not sell emails to third parties.

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An Interesting Red Flag

It appears that the Binary Matrix Pro and the Profit In 60 Seconds were developed by the same people, as more than a handful of reviews from average Joes are mentioning that they have received promotional emails to try the Binary Matrix Pro, coming from an email address that belongs to this other system that has already been declared to be a scam. This is another red flag that grasped our attention. They are just hanging themselves even more with this type of under the table action that they are performing. Anyway, let us proceed forward with our Binary Matrix Pro review.

Low ITM Performance

Nobody knows the exact ITM percentage that goes hand in hand with the Binary Matrix Pro, as its official site does not specifically state it. It just runs around the bush by informing you that you can make thousands of dollars right away with the aid of it. If they are not saying it like it is, you might as well just go and try your luck somewhere else. What is the point of you staying and trying to figure it out? If the percentage it is not stated, it must be a very low one. You can mark our words. We have been around in this field a long time. Not even the smoothest bogus auto-trader developer could trick us.

Customer Service Appears to Be a Ghost

Yeah, a total ghost! You can send them an email with a very simple question, and they will not answer. We sent them an email that questioned their ITM ratio, but we are yet to receive a reply. It is like they do not care about helping anyone in anything. The Binary Matrix Pro camp appears to be too busy counting all those dollars that they have stolen from innocent individuals who just wanted to try a legit auto-trading robot. The customer service from a legit system is nothing like this. You would receive a response in 24 hours, 48 hours at the most. This type of service reflects professionalism, which is what you should always be on the hunt for when trying out systems that can aid you in this field.

Binary Matrix Pro’s Squad Wants to Get You One Way or Another

Do not fall for the Binary Matrix Pro. It is not worth it, but we do recommend that you share this news with everybody that you know. Even though this system is a scam, there are others that are legit. In the last few weeks, we have reviewed some that left us with good impressions. Go ahead and check them out, while you are still here.

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