Is Binary Interceptor A Scam? This System Will Dry out Your Wallet!


The latest binary options robot that has caught our attention is the Binary Interceptor. Unfortunately, this trading robot is a scam. After conducting a review on it, we were able to come to this conclusion. Introduced on the market by Robert Harper, who is the creator, the Binary Interceptor states to be able to generate its members $900.00 USD a day. Is this true? Far from it! The following review gives you an insight of what we discovered when we took the task of analyzing it, from A to Z. This system is definitely very far from being a gem, as the team behind it state it to be.

Binary Interceptor Review

The official website of this forex robot,, is poorly structured, more poorly structured than most scams out there. There are more than a handful of reviews that endorse it in a very superficial and positive light, but of course, you should never fully believe a review that reflects these two things. Just in case you were not aware, a lot of owners of websites get paid under the table by con artists in order to review fraudulent apps in a positive light. In exchange, they get some bucks. How many bucks? Well, it depends how popular the website is. The more popular it is . . . the more the scammer has to spend. Thankfully, you have us to call them out!

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A Bilingual Lying Actor to the Rescue

On the Binary Interceptor website, you will be invited to watch a video, a video where you’ll watch a man, who is trying to convince you to join. That man is not Robert Harper; it is an actor who also got paid a few dollars to lie in front of a camera, reading from a poorly written script. This is not the first time this actor has been paid to lie and praise a scam. If you go to, you will notice him lying to Spanish-speaking individuals as well. This actor is too busy lying left and right. Maybe he has a lot of hungry kids to feed. Who knows why he opted to take these jobs. Whatever the case is, there is no excuse that he can use to defend his actions.

forex trading

A Replaying Counter

Another thing that you will notice about this auto-trading robot’s website is a counter that starts at 47. This number represents the spaces that are available. Throughout your visit on the page, you will notice how this number starts to become more acute, and thus, you will feel pressured to join as soon as possible, especially if you are a newbie in the field. That is exactly what the creator of the Binary Interceptor software wants you to feel.

forex robot

Scammers like to utilize techniques that are able to pressure somebody in order for him or her to act. Don’t be fooled by it! If you refresh the page or opt to come back the next day, you will notice that the counter will start again at 47. That should tell you right then and there that this program is a total scam with a capital ‘S.’

Keep Your Email Address Secured

There a lot of grammatical errors on the page. That’s another huge red flag. Another thing that we have to mention about this page is that don’t you dare enter your email address! If you do, you will get emails left and right from them. Each email you receive will be pushy so that you can sign up. This is another sign that the Binary Interceptor is total junk.

Scam: Lies, Lies, and More Lies . . . When Will They Stop?

There is a statement on the online site, that caught our eye. The statement states that this system is the best tool for trading binary options because its servers are frequently monitoring the globe’s financial market every day of the week, twenty-four hours a day. The billion dollar question is which markets are monitored on the weekends, as no trading takes place around the world during that time. I have to say that this statement is as fake as my aunt Ruby’s front tooth.

Don’t fall for their lame video!


Fake Testimonial Galore

To our surprise—not—the Binary Interceptor online site introduces a handful of testimonials, but don’t think that we are talking about real testimonials here, as these testimonials are as fake as Beyonce’s wig. Do not let them fool you for one second! By conducting a bit of research, we were able to find out that the photo of the testimonial of Kennan O’Riordan was taken from On the other hand, the photo in the testimonial of Tracy Donovan was taken from, a website where anybody can obtain professional photos for a couple of bucks without having to worry about copyright.

best trading robot

The photo of Luis Bonavita has been highly utilized on various websites such as This website, in particular, is geared toward Spanish-speaking individuals. It provides an auto-trading robot, but unfortunately, it is a total con. Go figure! It seems like crooks talk to each other and share tools with each other. How nice of them.

Dear Mr. Harper . . . We Are Putting You on Blast!

The page states that this auto-trading robot for everyone, but that is very far from the truth. This system is for NOBODY . . . period. It is one of the most laughable scams that we have ever encountered. Using an actor who is bilingual in order not to get caught! Nice one Robert Harper. Unfortunately, Mr. Harper, this trick of yours is not going to work for you anymore because we are putting you on blast right now.

Don’t Let Binary Interceptor Dry out Your Wallet

As you can conclude, the Binary Interceptor scam is a system that will dry out your wallet. It is not even worth your curiosity. Tell all your friends about this scam so that they don’t fall for it. Even though this one is a con job, this doesn’t mean that all the other auto-trading robots available on the market are too. There are some that do as they state. We invite you to browse our website to learn which ones are worth it and which are not. At ForexBonus100, we stay on top of the latest scam reviews as well as  positive reviews on binary robots for the worst and best forex autotrading apps.

For  example, two robots that we recommend are:  Virtnext and Dow Jones Focus Group which are two autotrading robots that actually work. Also don’t forget to check out the latest forex bonuses available.


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