BinaBot A Scam? Or Can You Make Money With It?


BinaBot aka BinaDroid

The dream of every day trader is to find that magical piece of automated software that will just do everything for him; Basically a trading robot that wins more times than it loses. The ideal trading robot would be completely turn-key, with no technical knowledge necessary. The reason this dream persists is because every trader knows that such software exists. We have all read the reports of this or that famous trader who made a few million dollars trading the markets by just running a piece of software on his desktop. Sounds too good to be true – and yet it happens every day!

Of course, the vast majority of “trading robots’ sold on the market today are scams. Every single week we have reviewed scam robot after scam robot. Just check out our extensive scam list. But every now and then, we do run into a piece of software that actually wins in our live market tests. As many of our regular readers know, such trading robots are very few and far between. We come across a winner maybe 2 or 3 times per year vs dozens of losers.

So today, everyone wants to know if the latest BinaBot automated trading software can be trusted. Or is it yet another scam? We have investigated it for this review and we have thankfully found no evidence of any scam. On the contrary, our tests have proven that this is one of those rarities – a reliable binary options robot that is completely turn-key and can be run by anyone. No market knowledge nor technical knowledge necessary. The last good robot we reviewed was CopyBuffet several months ago. And now BinaBot is added to our list as one of the few reliable bots. Our live testing has revealed that BinaBot is a genuine way to make money from binary options and there are some unique features which make it stand out from all other types of binary trading robots. See their video at

The main difference between this binary options robot and the others is that the BinaBot autotrading robot makes use of Android technology to collect data about trading strategies. It also has its own ranking system, so it will always find the best strategies for trading binary options.

The BinaBot trading software has been developed by an experienced financial analyst with inside knowledge of trading strategies. For many years Troy Everett has been working for some big finance companies and he has studied a whole range of trading strategies. He has personally developed a number of very successful trading systems for those companies.

Now Troy Everett has adapted his most successful system so that it can be used by anyone for binary options auto trading on a smart phone, a tablet, a laptop, a PC or a Mac.

Even complete beginners can use this software to win binary trades, simply by selecting the Auto Trade option on the trading platform. Then every trade will be placed automatically by the binary options robot. More experienced traders can choose to place their own trades semi-automatically from the BinaBot trading signals.

BinaBot Review: Safer Trading

BinaBot trading software generates binary options trades from analysis of market movements combined with the information it gathers from various social trading platforms and from top trading professionals. The trading algorithm uses data collected by Android technology to generate accurate signals. Several traders on our staff have tested it and found an impressive 88% success rate. In other BinaBot review tests, this trading robot has been winning between 80% and 90% of real binary trades.

There is less risk involved in auto trading with the BinaBot system than with other types of autotrading robot, because this system allows a trade to be made with as little as $5. A minimum amount of $25 for binary trades is normal for almost all other types of forex robot software.

BinaBot only works with regulated brokers, so you will experience no difficulty when you want to withdraw your profits. There are a number of well known brokers associated with this autotrading robot and you will be asked to select one of them from a list provided by BinaBot.

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How Does BinaBot Work?

When you access the app for the first time, the system automatically provides you with a binary options trading platform that will work in your particular geographical location. This means that BinaBot trading software can be used for successful binary trades anywhere in the world.

When you are ready to start trading, you will be able to choose between binary trades that expire in one, three or five minutes. Trades expiring in sixty seconds are more risky than trades which take longer to expire, so you can choose you own level of risk.

If you need any technical help, 24/7 support is available. We have tested it for this review and we can confirm that the BinaBot support system does respond to queries.

Is BinaBot Trading App a Scam?

Our investigations for this review have proved that there is no BinaBot scam. This trading software can be trusted to be safe for trading. It has been given positive reviews on several reputable binary options sites and there have been no complaints from anyone who has tried it. Our own traders have had amazing success with it over the past few weeks of testing. The technical support team is very responsive and all the brokers affiliated with BinaBot are regulated and reliable.

Later this year the BinaBot trading app will be made available at a high cost to finance companies and big traders. Because Troy Everett intends to sell his app in future, he is offering it for free now so that he can show potential customers some genuine trading results.

Cost and Getting Started

You can access the auto trading app at no cost and continue to use it for free, if you join now. Just go to the BinaBot website at to enter your name and give an email address where all the details you need can be sent to you.

From the members’ area of the website, you should select a binary options broker and register for a trading account. It is important to use the same password for your broker account and for the BinaBot app, so the trading robot will be synchronized with your account.

The minimum investment required to start trading will be $200 or $250, depending on the broker you pick. When you have funded your trading account, you should select “Auto Trade” for instant automatic trading. All you have to do is decide how much money you want to place and indicate whether you want binary trades which expire in one, three or five minutes.

No matter how good an autotrading robot is said to be, when you are starting out as a trader it is not a good idea to put too much money into your trades. The big advantage to using BindaDroid trading software is that you can exercise some prudent money management by beginning with very small amounts and building up profits without the risk of losing your entire investment. Remember that no matter how reliable a trading robot or manual method is, there is no such thing as a guarantee with the markets. Only probabilities exists, no absolutes. So you should only ever trade with an amount of money you are comfortable with. Never bet the farm or your life savings if you want to succeed in this game!

Profits from winning trades will appear in your account instantly as each trade expires and you will be able to see for yourself that you get excellent results from trading with the BinaBot system. At any time you can decide to increase the amount you want to place on each binary trade, using some of the profits you have already made.

Review Conclusion

Our BinaBot review has proved that the software can be trusted and it is not a scam. You can safely start auto trading with as little as $5 per trade and you get to choose your own level of risk. This binary options robot has been tested and proven to win on average between 85% and 88% of binary trades. BinaBot joins only a small handful of trading robots that we recommend on our site!

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    • Alex1001 says

      Been using it for just about a month and so far it’s been great.

      ITM win rate averages around 80% for me, which is excellent as far as I’m converned. The last week was slight bump up to 84% avg wins.

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