Reload Bonus up to 20% on Deposit from Bforex – Make Most of It


New clients joining Bforex have the advantage of going for the bonus up to 20%. Bforex is now a world leading forex exchange broker which definitely could be one of the reasons to join it. Trading with Bforex is very easy as it has a web based trading platform and there is 24 hours available support team to help you out. If you’re going to become a new client of Bforex, then you should definitely try to get this reload bonus from Bforex.

Trading with Bforex is very beneficial as it offers the best trading environment which is very user friendly. It has even got a Forex Academy having the best lessons for its clients to become the best at forex trading. One of the reasons to immediately start trading with Bforex for many clients is that this broker guarantees Stop and Limit orders in all the market conditions.  Even if bonus amount is less; but then also the Bforex bonuses are very beneficial for the traders.

Reload Bonus Details                     

Reload bonus is only for new clients of Bforex and it is only for the first deposit. This bonus offer is especially for the year 2016. You can get bonus up to 20% as the bonus percentage increased when you deposit more. For deposit of $300 to $499, bonus of only 5% is given. One gets 20% bonus when the first deposit is of $1000 or more.

How to get Reload Bonus from Bforex?

As this bonus is only valid on first deposit, you definitely need to make a new account. Here are the steps to get the reload bonus from the popular broker Bforex.

  1. Register for the required type of Bforex account.
  2. Make the first deposit in your account. Minimum deposit of $300 should be done for getting 5% bonus. 10% bonus is only for deposits of $1000 and more.

Terms and Conditions of Reload Bonus

  1. Reload bonus is only for new clients.
  2. You can avail this bonus only on the first deposit.
  3. Trade the required number of lots to get eligible for withdrawing the credited bonus.
  4. Reload bonus offer can change or end at any time as Bforex broker has the complete right.

Reload bonus is definitely a good bonus for Bforex’s new clients. The bonus offer would have attracted many more traders if there was 20% bonus on any deposit amount. Bforex has even got many other offers and contests for new clients who want to get more free money for trading.

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