Bayesian Binary App Scam Review


“Bayesian Binary Software Scam” is a better name for this thing, contrary to claims that it is a “Great Big Golden Honey Pot.” In our review, we beg to differ. First off, it is possible to make big money in the binary options market, and there are people out there doing it, but Bayesian Binary is not the secret. The Bayesian Binary likely scam counts on your lack of knowledge to suck you in and take advantage of you. This review will arm you with the knowledge to avoid wasting your money and to know what to look for in a credible trading robot program.

Bayesian Binary: Scam Clues

One of the biggest clues is that the information shows that their website was only created in December 2015, yet they purport to show successful traders in their video who have been using the system for some time and supposedly made large amounts of money with it. This is simply not credible.

Who is this guy?

Bayesian Binary Scam Review

The Bayesian Binary System uses the word Bayesian, which is a branch of statistics that has to do with probability. There are many different systems of predicting probabilities, each of which has its own merits. This review does not need to go into a lengthy discussion of them to get the point across about this Bayesian Binary potential scam. Essentially Bayesian probability is based on collecting and summarizing a set of data. The system then takes this data and forms a model of what it predicts will happen based on the data summary. This is actually a complex process, but the main concept is easy to understand.

Now this guy is a verified actor from Fiverr!

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The Bayesian Binary Software tries to impress you with their historical knowledge about a formula that dates to 1702. The Bayesian Binary website says this date twice, yet other academic sources states that Bayes did not write his work until 1763. Ok, so this review will give them the benefit of a doubt. They did not claim to be historians. This just makes it look like they might not be the experts on Bayesian probability that they claim to be. It also demonstrates that they can’t even do a basic Google search! So we are supposed to trust them to build a trading robot?

If you really want to learn Baye’s Theorem:

So, how does Bayesian probability apply to the binary options markets, which only became available to retail traders in 2008? The Bayesian Binary review does not exactly explain this, but it claims to have given the person in the video the ability to tell his boss goodbye. The Bayesian Binary site claims that you can use Bayesian probability to make money using an autotrading robot to make thousands every day within minutes. It is not clear whether it is a binary options robot, or a forex robot, but it likes to use the name Bayesian to give them credibility in the eyes of the potential sucker.

Good God. Would you really trust your trading to a bloody puppet? 

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Review: The Bayesian Binary Robot

The website tells a good story about how the person found the secret to making thousands using Bayesian probabilities. The Bayesian Binary Software website does not tell how it works, but it appears to be based on applying Bayesian probability to the binary markets. Does this have the potential to work, or is Bayesian Binary a scam?

Bayesian probability is one tool in the arsenal that investors who rely on technical analysis use, but it is not considered to be a standalone system in itself. The best technical analysis does not rely on a single instrument to make trades. They use many different instruments and compare the results. Binary options robot software is based on the comparison of the results of many of these different technical analysis techniques, not only one technique, such as used by the Bayesian Binary Trading APP.

Bayesian probability is considered to be a rather simplistic probability method, and certainly not reliable enough to be the only method used in the analysis of complex markets such as the binary options market. If the Bayesian Binary robot uses this as a single method, this Bayesian Binary reviewer thinks that one should question its capabilities.

Final Analysis of Bayesian Binary Software

For those that are not mathematically inclined, the Bayesian Binary system may appear to be legitimate. It is entirely conceivable to make a few lucky trades using only Bayesian probability, but that is not how the experts do it. They combine many different formulas and techniques to complete their analyses.

The hook that the Bayesian Binary System uses is to pick out a big word from the field of mathematics and statistics, combine it with a little history, albeit inaccurate, to convince you that they know what they are doing. This review is not convinced. This only thing that it is convinced of is that you will likely lose $250 if you fall for this potential scam.

A good binary trading system starts with a good algorithm that takes as many factors into account as possible. Then it combines these to create signals that might indicate a put or call. However, no matter how good the algorithm, the human factor should always be involved in the decision making process. A success rate of over 90% might sound good, like a no lose situation, but if you lose your entire investment because you happened to be the unlucky 10%, then it is a devastating loss.

Trading is not for the faint of heart, and you should be comfortable losing everything that you invest. Otherwise, you might be wise to wait until you are more secure. There are good binary options trading systems out there, but these systems offer more than just software. They offer a community of experienced investors to help you decide whether to make a trade or not. They allow you to be in control of your investing decisions, as they are acting like mentors and teachers along the way. They provide a community that will be there with you all the way. And only once you have honed your skills with the robot and community – is when you might chance turning the robot to full automatic trading.


If the Bayesian Binary software is the only thing the company has to offer, then this review advises you to avoid a likely scam. If you look around, you can spot the scams and the ones that are legit. Don’t play with your money if you want to truly build wealth. Do your research and learn as much as you can before you decide to invest. There are good companies out there that offer the kind of support that beginner and experienced traders alike will enjoy. Bayesian Binary is probably a scam and is not one of those good companies. It uses highly suspicious marketing that knows how to impress potential investors with big words. But in the end, big words are not enough to help you trade successfully.

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