The Banker Profit System Scam Software: Review

Banker Profit System Scam software might have been a more apt name for this thing. If you were planning to use this binary options robot, you should wait to read this review. You will see enough reasons why you should preserve your money instead of wasting it on software called the Banker Profit System. This forex trading robot was released to the market at least two months ago; there is no verifiable evidence of winning the binary options market using the software. This is one example that it may not be trusted. Moreover, available evidence has confirmed that all the testimonials and feedbacks could not be relied on. This review will provide you with all information you need to learn about a likely scam app.

Scam Clues: They Abound

We have a lot of evidence, which we are going to present here to show you that the Banker Profit system software could be a fraudulent app. We are going to base our facts on what we discovered from their website,, and from their video presentation.

Already some people are posting false information on the internet to the effect that they have been making enormous income with the Banker Profit system app for more than one year. Claims like this are ridiculous, because the autotrading app was released on October 12 2015, you may begin to wonder how they have been using it to make money for over one year. If they claim to have been using it on beta trading, they have not provided any verifiable evidence that can confirm that.

Binary options trading software is subjected to different tests to determine whether it is a legit or not. The Banker Profit System has failed different authenticity tests it was subjected to. Although the website contains some background information that seems genuine, a scrutiny indicates that it provides genuine background information as a cover. This Banker profit System Software review will help you because, at least, you will save $250 dollars, which you would have invested on it.

Review and Rundown:

Here are some specific reasons, which raise fear that Banker Profit system robot is most likely a scam:

  1. Fake scarcity counter
  2. Fake testimonials and unverifiable claims
  3. The software claimed to be free, but you must make a deposit of $250 before you can access the trading robot.

We shall analyze these points and bring out the facts that will convince you that the software is probably a scam.

Banker Profit system uses fake testimonials

Evidence available indicates that the Banker Profit system app can not be relied on, because all testimonials presented were not true. If it were legit, it would have used verifiable individuals. A review of some of the personalities used in the video indicated that the system hired the same persons used by 5K Daily Profit Club in its video presentation.

If it is legit, why should a binary options trading robot company use use a paid actress from It is expected that it should have used genuine traders. Since it has decided to use fake testimonials, it cannot be believed.

For example, one of the testimonials is from “Henry F” who claims to be based in Liverpool UK but his persona is cobbled together from a stock or stolen photo. His image can be found all over the net with a variety of different names attached.

binary options robot

binary options robot forex autotrading

Why should they use other people’s images to promote their products? This is enough to blacklist it.

Another fake testimonial is Hannah M. This trader claimed to have earned $57,982 using the software. This name was confirmed to be unreliable. She appears again as “Daroche B” this time in Brazil:

The above are just a few examples that proves that the Banker Profit System Software is using fake testimonials.

A system which is claiming to be making millions for investors should be using the names of real traders. Even the founder of the app, Andrew Teegan is a nonexistent individual. A search on Google and other social media websites did not deliver any accurate information about him. If he has been a successful trader, there would have been enough information about him on the social media sites. Moreover, the app would have been approved by some notable endorsement sites. It was never endorsed by reputable sites; this is a clear indication that it could be promoting scam.

The Banker Profit uses fake counter widget

One common characteristic of these fraudulent systems is the use of fake scarcity counters to force traders to use the software. It creates artificial scarcity by warning you that only few spots were available, this is to force you to sign up before it finishes, while in reality, the product is always available. If you visit the website for next one week, you would still observe the same scarcity warning. While should they mount undue pressure on you to use their system. This is a tactic used by other swindle systems; it is not surprising that the Banker Profit system app has resorted to the same discredited tactic.

The Banker Profit System was endorsed by fake sites

The fact that notorious fake review sites on the internet were quick to endorse the system is a source of worry. This is sufficient to write off the app. You would observe that every fraudulent system is always approved by such sites like,, and so many others. Once the system is not endorsed by known reputable sites, it is could be a fraud. You can check several internet forums and you would see negative feedback about this software.

The Banker profit System features fake security badges

In an attempt to make the software legit, Teegan and his team have failed in their efforts to make the app look legit. You can easily tell that the badges are not authentic, because they cannot be clicked. This is a sure sign that it is likely a fraudulent system.

Like other fraudulent trading tools, the Banker Profit system promoters presented it as a free tool. You will observe that it is not actually free, as you must pay at least $250, which they claim is to fund your live trading account before you can have access to the system.

Needless to say, their video is also a joke and screams shady marketing!



By this time, you should no longer have any doubt in your mind that the Banker Profit is undoubtedly a scam. If you were planning to use it, you should save money for another useful investment instead. This system is only designed, it seems, to drain your pockets dry.

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