Awesome Income App Scam: Our Review Blasts It Apart


We have literally just finished reviewing the Awesome Income App scam. Instead of taking a break, we decided to submit it right away, as we find it very important for you to know the 411 on it NOW. Why? Well, for the simple fact of it being a grand scam, one of the sloppiest ones that we have ever encountered, if we may add. We suggest that you do not mess with it no matter how desperate you are. Instead, we recommend that you read this review and share it with all of your Facebook and Twitter pals. With your help, we can definitely put a halt to fraudulent systems that are very far from providing beneficial results in the binary options robot field.

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Based on Readers Feedback’s posted in Comments all over our site – many are saying that Ultimate4Trading and EZTrader are a SCAM. Our review of that product was based on only a 1-week trial. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Review: Awesome Income App

The Awesome Income App scam system was developed by one Travis Gold. Since it launched, their official website,, offers information regarding the retail price. The team behind this trading robot fraud goes on to further say that it may go from free to costing this price at any moment. Well, it was launched in August of 2015, and it is still being offered to the public for “free”; therefore, we can safely state that this is just one of those pressure tactics that bogus auto-trading robot developers decide to utilize in order for you to feel that you are obtaining a fantastic deal, when in reality, you are not. It seems that Mr. Gold decided to go all the way in his pressure tactics. He wants to manipulate as many people as he can.

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Scam: Pressure Tactic Number Two

Another pressure tactic that is on the official page of the Awesome Income App binary options forex robot is a message that states how many spots are available. They provide you with 33 minutes in order for you to sign up by entering your full name and email address. If you wait until the 33 minutes are up, you will realize that you are still going to be able to sign up. Nothing will happen. If you refresh the page, you will notice that the timer will start at 33 minutes all over again.

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Pressure Tactic Pattern

If you have read the scam reviews that we have on here regarding other systems, you will realize that most of them follow this pressure tactic pattern. We do not really comprehend as to why these tactics are still being used, as one doesn’t necessarily have to be a pro in the field in order to find out that the system being presented is bogus.

Mr. Travis Is Hopping from Lane to Lane

The page of Awesome Income App auto-trading robot has an introductory video that makes it clear from the start that this program is for leaders and not followers, but this statement takes a 180 degree turn at the end of the video because Mr. Gold decided to state that even followers will become leaders if they just put Awesome Income App to use. Does this make sense to you? It certainly doesn’t to us. It is like Travis Gold is hopping from lane to lane. Which one is it Mr. Gold? I mean, even to be a scammer, you have to have your statements in order so that you can entice as many people as possible to try your system. Travis Gold is all over the place, and thus, we find his Awesome Income App forex robot to be one of the more amateurish scams that we have ever encountered.

Conducting Your Part Is Important

This introductory video has photos of attractive women, vacations, elegant houses, and etc. They are basically saying that you can have everything that you want by trying a system that does everything for you so that you can be a bum and take advantage of all of these goodies that the world has to offer to those who have fat bank accounts. If you are a newbie to this field, we should inform you that an auto-trading robot is there to aid you, but you also have to conduct your part, as you are in the driver’s seat at all times.

Their video is the standard scammy bs. Don’t fall for it!


Pressure Tactic Number Three

It is important to highlight that upon further investigation we found out that the team behind the Awesome Income App is conducting a big email marketing campaign. The email that they are sending states that they are very strict about who they opt to let in. Really? This personally made us laugh. That is another pressure tactic that fraudulent auto-trading robot creators utilize in order for you to feel that you are dealing with serious people who want to help you. If only that were true, we would not be writing this review.

Travis Gold Has Been in Your Shoes . . . Really?

In his introductory video, Travis Gold has the audacity to say that he has been in your shoes before. That he tried a lot of systems that ended up being scams. According to him, his system is far from being fraudulent, but we can assure you that it is . . . very much so, if we may add.

Negative Review and Poor ITM Rate Galore

At the moment, Awesome Income App has been bombarded with dozens and dozens of negative reviews. From what we gathered, this system provides a very poor ITM rate, and thus, it will not be sufficient for you to make any profit from using it.

Pressuring You to Let Your Wallet Loose Is Their Goal

When it comes to the customer service, you can just forget about it. Nobody will answer your questions, not even one that asks how you can join. They do not care to deal with you one on one. The team behind Awesome Income App just cares that you join, that you let your wallet loose, and that you keep on letting it loose, praying that you never come to the conclusion that you will never be able to obtain profit from using it.

There Is Still Hope . . . Lots of It!

Although the Awesome Income App is a system that you do not want to deal with, there are other systems that really live up to what they state. We invite you to browse our website, as we have conducted reviews on programs that ended up being 100% legit.

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