AvaTrade Brings the Special Ava Select Program


AvaTrade is a well-known name in the forex industry within few years. With more than 20,000 clients, it is the trusted broker offering many benefits. AvaTrade always considers customers over everything else and it tries to come with new creative ideas for giving complete satisfaction to the clients. Ava Select program is the new benefit from AvaTrade providing clients the opportunity to enjoy premium trading conditions. If you have not been able to find a special program with premium conditions with other brokers, then know the benefits of AvaTrade’s Ava Select program.

Traders like the benefit of multiple trading platforms as they can start trading using AvaTrader, MetaTrade4, Web Trading and the other trading platforms. Education center allows traders to learn more trading skills by going through the webinars, video tutorials and even a special forex eBook is available. AvaTrade gives importance to security and that’s why it always holds funds of clients in segregated accounts. By making use of latest technology, AvaTrade is allowing clients to execute trades instantly and it provides total support to them.

Ava Select Program Details

Ava Select program is for all the clients of AvaTrade. This program is specifically designed to give the best premium trading conditions to clients so that they can earn more profits. One of the main benefits of Ava Select program is the tailored educational program. Express withdrawal approval is also a part of this program allowing traders to withdraw fast without wasting time. All the customized trading terms and benefits as well as special gifts forming part of Ava Select program will make you become completely happy.

How to get the Benefits of Ava Select Program?

If you want to get the complete benefit of Ava Select program, then you need to qualify for it immediately. Here are steps to follow for qualifying for the Ava Select program.

  1. Open a new account with AvaTrade if you don’t have one yet.
  2. Deposit USD 100,000 or exceed USD 100M in trade volume to qualify for Ava Select program.

Ava Select grants the Ava Select program membership on quarterly basis. Make sure that you fulfill the requirement so that you continue to enjoy all the benefits of Ava Select program.

Terms and Conditions of Ava Select Program

  1. New members get a notification from AvaTrader at the beginning of every quarter.
  2. AvaTrade gives express withdrawals approval within 1 business day. This express withdrawals facility is very helpful for some traders who want to withdraw the profits immediately for investment purpose.
  3. Ava Select customers can make use of the exclusive Ava Select Hotline for getting any query solved.
  4. This program allows clients to have customized trading terms and benefits which are completely suitable for their trading style.

Ava Select Program of AvaTrade is always beneficial for all the clients. This is a very unique program of AvaTrade and in the future you may find more benefits getting introduced for making clients get complete satisfaction. Do let us know if you find Ava Select program as one of the most useful programs for traders.

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