Aussie Method: Is it a Scam? Our Explosive Review Reveals All!


One has to be cautious when making a choice of binary options trading robots, in order to avoid scams. Traders have serious doubts about the Aussie Method forex robot. After reviewing the software, we have our own doubts about its authenticity. We have a conviction that it is a scam. Check their website and watch the video. Do you suspect anything fishy with this system? If you are still not sure, wait for the conclusion of this review to see the specific evidences, and you will likely change your mind about this trading robot.

Is This Yet Another Autotrading Robot Scam?

The product website is and its founder is supposedly one Jake Pertu. Mr. Pertu claims to be a professional trader, but investigation points to the contrary. There is no trace of him anywhere, which indicates that he may not be a binary options trader after all. It seems that he does not have any profile with any of the social media websites. He is not on Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn. Pertu’s real identity is in question.

Another fact that confirms our worry about his real identity is his picture. It seems that the picture in the video and website was taken from The name on the picture does not tally with the name Jake Pertu. This obviously suggests that the creator was a fake actor.

“Jake Pertu” is just a stock image found all over the net!

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This fake information sends negative signals about Aussie Method software, and this is enough to label it a likely scam. While this forex robot website at least does not feature negative fake counters; this only suggests that those behind the system must be reading reviews of fake binary options signals providers. This is not sufficient for traders to place their confidence with this trading robot.

Another thing that sends the wrong signals about the Aussie Method is the vigorous efforts put in to market the system. It seems that Jake Pertu (or whoever is behind this) will earn a commission anytime you join through the sales page. The registration page is an affiliate link. The implication of this is that if you make your initial deposits, Pertu and his team earn a referral commission from your investment with the broker. To them, it does not matter whether they are marketing a scam product or not, the money they make is their top priority. They do not care whether you lose your money. Because of this, it is may not be wrong to describe Aussie Method software as an affiliate product, and not a trading app.

You must deposit a minimum of $250 with Aussie Method

Another worry is that you must deposit a minimum of $250 before you can use the software on your account irrespective of whether you have an existing account with a broker of your choice. It seems that the reason for this is to enable them to earn referral fees. Apart from that, the Aussie Method will continue to make money from you anytime you execute a trade with the software. As an automated tool, it decides the commissions to deduct from you once you have a balance in your account. These facts simply add more fuel to the potential scam likelihood of the operation.

Review: False Testimonials and Other Shennanigans

Aussie Method trading software appears to rely on questionable testimonials to convince traders to use it. We have problem with some of the traders in the video, such as Howard Hope, who claims to earn $482,118, and Eddie Waltz who also claims to earn $538,617 as well as Louis and Rosie Green who earned $764,050 and $622,001 respectively. We have a problem with dates on these snapshots. It looks like the earnings were already made long time before the release of Aussie Method. This poses a serious question about the credibility of the binary options robot.

No substance to these “Success Stories”

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Secondly, no genuine trader leaves such a staggering balance with a broker. The trading habit is that traders withdraw their money after earning a few hundred in their accounts. This is another reason for one to doubt the sales pitch.

Moreover, it seems that the actress in the video is the same with another actor in yet another scam robot called The Millionaires Maker. The images in both videos were similar to a photo in It looks like Aussie Method copied its images from other websites.

Video filled with Fiverr actors – never a good sign!


Aussie Method Software Disclaimer

If you are still in doubt, please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the website. It looks like they are hiding something, which they do not want traders to know about their autotrading robot. You will notice it is hard to read the texts because it is in upper case. This can be a deliberate attempt to prevent you from reading it, and discovering the truth. Click any image to enlarge it to view the disclaimer very well. You will observe the software disowns all its claims. It says that the materials on its video and website are not a guarantee or a promise to earn money. Secondly, it says that earning potentials depends on the trader, his techniques, and ideas. This clearly exonerates the software. You may wonder why they placed this where it is difficult to see it. Probably the software creator knows that legal issues may arise, because of their false claims. They put those disclaimers to wriggle out of trouble. Do you consider it legit?

Moreover, the above disclaimer signifies there are no real earnings from Aussie Method System. Earnings expressed on the website are to express creator’s opinion about its earnings potentials. This means that it is not a true reflection of actual trading positions. It has made it clear to you that your earning potential depends on your knowledge and technique, and not on this trading robot called Aussie Method. Despite huge earning potentials it presents to you, you should not place any expectation on the software. You may now ask what happens to the one click software, which promises thousands within a few minutes? These simply suggest that there was never and there will not be any real earnings from the Aussie Method forex robot.


To sum up, in our review you can see several reasons to preserve your money or use it for profitable ventures rather than wasting it on this Aussie Method binary options robot. After this review, we can confirm that the feedbacks and testimonials cannot be relied upon. You can even confirm it from their disclaimer page. Stay away from this autotrading robot, as it is a likely scam.

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