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Alpari is running a special contest which is Analyst contest. This special contest by Alpari is attracting many traders as they have the chance to win some dollars every fortnightly. Alpari is now one of the largest forex brokers and now it is giving opportunity to 5 traders to win a decent amount only because it wants new traders to trade regularly. Know more about the Analyst contest as you may also want to take part in it for winning some dollars.

Analyst Contest Details

Analyst contest is for those traders who love to write analytical reviews. By writing analytical reviews, you’ll stand a chance to win as our experts are looking for the best reviews which can be published at the Alpari website. This Analyst contest will every time have 5 winners and the winner at the first place gets $100 as the reward. The other 4 winners as per their position get $90, $80, $70 and $60 respectively. This is a great season for many great broker contests and Alpari usually runs some of the best!

This contest is been liked by most of the traders because there will be dozen fortnightly rounds which means many traders will be able to win. All those who can write amazing analytical reviews will have the chance of winning. 5 of the best contestants every time share 400 dollars and the most beneficial thing is that one can take part in Analyst contest as many times as one wants.

How to Take Part in Alpari’s Analyst Contest?

Here are the steps that you need to follow for taking part in this Analyst contest for becoming one of the winners who gets decent amount as prize money.

  1. You need to compile one or many analytical reviews about any market. It can be gold, currency or even commodities.
  2. Send the review written by you to the email-id which is acontest@alpari.com. You should have Analyst Contest as the subject of your email.
  3. Experts analyze the reviews sent by different traders.
  4. Winners are declared every fortnightly and that too 5 winners which is something very amazing.

Terms and Conditions of Alpari’s Analyst Contest

  1. The analysis sent should be between 1,000 and 5,000 characters as otherwise it won’t be accepted.
  2. The content written should completely be your own work and it shouldn’t be published anywhere else on in the internet or any offline publication.
  3. Every analysis should be sent with a photograph and the full name as well as a short description about the author should be mentioned.
  4. Reviews should be long or medium term as short terms reviews are not accepted.
  5. Never mention any promises or guarantees of returns as otherwise it will make the review invalid.
  6. Use of any type of offensive language is not allowed as well as the review should never contain any words against any religion or any racial discrimination.
  7. The winners of Analyst contest are always chosen on the basis of the personal opinions of the analysts of the analytical department of Alpari.
  8. Any analysis received by analytical department is considered within one day after it is received.
  9. Alpari has got the right to withhold the reasons for not publishing any particular analysis.
  10. Whenever any analysis is sent, the author gives the permission of its publication as well to have the name and photograph of the author to be given with it.
  11. Once the analysis is published at Alpari’s website, the intellectual property rights get immediately transferred to Alpari.

Alpari’s contest is definitely a good one as anyone can participate in it easily. The 16 years experience of Alpari in forex market has made it got many new clients recently. Do let me know your opinion about the Analyst contest and whether you’re going to write an analytical review for this contest.

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