Special Jackpot Live Contest from Alpari NZ


Alprari has become popular because of honest practices and now it has the Jackpot contest for making some traders gain good money by trading. This Jackpot contest has many good prizes and the biggest prize is of $10,000. Alpari’s Jackpot contest is better than its other contests because of the very good prize money. Know about the Jackpot Live contest if you want to win a good amount of money at the start of your journey.

Jackpot Live Contest Details

All current clients can take part in this contest. Minimum deposit amount is $500 or Euros 400 as without it you won’t get the opportunity to become a part of Jackpot Live contest. You need to follow the website schedule for knowing the perfect dates of Jackpot Live contest. The duration of every Jackpot contest of Alpari is 11 weeks which is not very long as per the amazing prizes of this contest.

The top 5 winners get $10000, $7000, $5000, $2000 and $1000 respectively. The top 20 winners get the award and the last one which is the 20th winner gets 30$. In addition to these prizes, the top 3 contestants get PAMM accounts pre-loaded with manager’s capital which is $50000, $25000 and $10000 respectively.

The prize money of 30,955 USD in every round is definitely a big one and that’s why Alpari’s Jackpot Live contest is attracting every trader. The current going Jackpot contest has 934 participants.

How to Take Part in Jackpot Live Contest of Alpari?

Here are steps to follow for winning a jackpot amount by taking part in Jackpot Live contest.

  1. You can take part only if you have a standard.mt4, pro.ecn.mt4, ecn.mt4 account at Alpari.
  2. Fill the Jackpot Live contest form in the ‘My Contests’ section of Alpari.
  3. Deposit $500 or Euros 400.
  4. Start trading and try to do it perfectly.

Terms and Conditions of Jackpot Live Contest

  1. Clients can withdraw the prize money at any time.
  2. Recovery Factor and Minimum Margin level play an important role in the formula used for selecting the winners.
  3. Available deposit currencies are USD, EUR, GLD and RUR.
  4. Alpari can change the prize money as well as other rules of Jackpot Live contest at any time.

Jackpot Live contest requires investment of time and money, but it is definitely the best opportunity for those who can give 11 weeks. Start trading and understand the formula using which winners are selected so that you end up at the first place. Jackpot Live contest is going to make many traders have good money for trading in the year 2016.

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