Successful Investor Contest from Alpari: Win an iPad or $500


Alpari is a broker attracting all type of clients as it allows trading in currency pairs, spot metals, CFDs etc. Alpari is having many contests and one of the contests is Successful Investor. This contest is for all the investors who think that they can get good success with their investment. Alpari clients have the opportunity to get a prize without paying any fee as they just need to trade. Know about the Successful Investor contest if you want to win an iPad or $500.

Successful Investor Contest Details

Successful Investor contest is known to most of the traders trading from a long term as this Alpari contest has been taking place from 2 years. Most of the Alpari clients have taken a part in it. Clients need to deposit $500 to take part and then get the best return on their investment in a period of 1 month. Alpari is giving the traders the best opportunity to showcase their investment skills for winning an iPad or $500.

How to take part in Successful Investor Contest of Alpari?

All the clients of Alpari can take part in Successful Investor contest and make use of their skills to win it. Here are steps to follow to take part in Successful Investor contest.

  1. Register for myAlpari if you haven’t done it yet.
  2. Open a managed account.
  3. A client needs to deposit 500 USD, 400 EUR or 25,000 RUR in his managed account.

Terms and Conditions of Alpari’s Successful Investor Contest

  1. Preliminary results which is a list of top 3 contestants gets published weekly at the Alpari forum, while final results get published in ‘Managed Accounts’ thread of forum within 5 business days of completion of a contest round.
  2. Every contest has 1 winner having the highest rate of return.
  3. If there is a tie, then the winner is the contestant who registered first. In case registration is at the same time, then there will be a random draw.
  4. $500 USD is credited to the transitory account of the client.
  5. Alpari can change the rules of Successful Investor contest at any time.

One of the similar contests of Alpari is Top Portfolio Manager contest. This contest gives Alpari clients chance to win cash prize of 1,000 USD which makes it an amazing contest. Make a deposit of at least 1,000 USD or 800 EUR or 800 GLD in your PAMM Portfolio account for taking part in the Top Portfolio Manager contest.

Successful Investor contest is definitely one of the best contests of Alpari as one gets prize just for demonstration of trading skills. All Alpari clients should try to win this contest as there are no special requirements for participation. Do you think that Successful Investor contest of Alpari is motivating traders to improve their trading skills?

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