Formula FX Live Contest from Alpari NZ: Weekly Contest


Alpari is running many contests for traders and one of the contests is Formula FX which is a weekly contest. Formula FX allows traders to win in the contest by having highest rate of return. Alpari’s Formula FX Live contest is giving good opportunity to traders as this weekly contest is going to take place many times during the year 2016. Know about Formula FX contest if you have waited long to take part in some weekly trading contests.

Formula FX Live Contest Details

Formula FX is a weekly contest of Alpari requiring deposit of 30 USD. As clients like this contest, it will get run for the entire year 2016. Contest dates get mentioned at Alpari website and the contestants with the highest rate of return win the best prizes. Previously there were top 10 prizes only, but now there are 20 winners in every round and prizes in the current going round are worth 1,620 USD. The top 10 prizes are 250 USD, 200 USD, 150 USD, 100 USD, 95 USD, 90 USD, 85 USD, 75 USD and 70 USD. The prize for the winners at 11 to 20 positions is less and that’s why you should try to achieve one of the top 10 positions.

How to Take Part in Formula FX Live Contest?

Taking part in Formula FX Live contest is very easy and you can take prize every week without going against the terms and conditions of Alpari.

  1. Make an account at myAlpari if you’re not having one yet.
  2. Go to the ‘My Contests’ section and fill the required form.
  3. Make a deposit of 30 USD or 20 EUR.
  4. Start trading and try to get highest return on your investment.

Terms and Conditions of Formula FX Live Contest

  1. Alpari clients having a standard.mt4r or pro.ecn.mt4 or ecn.mt4 account are eligible to take part in Formula FX Live contest.
  2. Registration in the ‘My Contests’ section is a must for taking part in this contest.
  3. Minimum of 30 USD, 20 EUR, 1,500 RUR or 25 GLD is a must.
  4. Highest rate of return is the criteria for determination of winners.
  5. Alpari credits the prizes within 60 days after completion of any round.
  6. Alpari can change the formula used for determining the winners, while it can also change the contest rules at any time.

Formula FX Live is definitely an amazing contest of Alpari as it is a weekly contest. Alpari clients looking for short-term contests should definitely take part in this contest. If you have good technical knowledge, then you can try to understand the formula used to select the winners. Formula FX Live contests may have more contestants in future and that’s why it is the perfect time to take part in this contest of Alpari.

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