Opportunity to Exchange Bonus Points for Cash from Alpari


Alpari is a popular name in the forex trading world as it has been there from year 1998. Started by 3 men together, Alpari has become the trading center trusted by most traders. Alpari for making its clients happy is giving opportunity of exchanging bonus points for cash. One of the other offers for the clients is the offer to get interest on the deposit.

Alpari is also running many contests for its clients. Jackpot, Formula FX, Full Throttle are some of the most popular contests.

Exchange Bonus Points for Cash Offer Details

This offer to exchange bonus points for cash is an exclusive offer for all clients of Alpari for the year 2016. Alpari wants clients to have more cash with them and that’s why it is allowing them to exchange Alpari points for cash. Clients can get 1 USD for every 100 Alpari points. By trading more points, you’ll get good cash which you can use for trading purpose or you may even withdraw it.

How to Exchange Bonus Points for Cash?

Here are steps to follow for exchanging Alpari bonus points for cash.

  1. At Alpari, you can use maximum of 25% of myAlpari bonus points for getting cash in exchange.
  2. Send request to Alpari team for exchange and mention the amount of points in myAlpari.

This is one of the best offers as very few brokers allow exchanging of bonus points for cash.

Terms and Conditions of Exchange Bonus for Cash Offer

  1. Alpari allows clients to get maximum 150 USD per week by making use of this exchange offer.
  2. A client can make a request to convert bonus points into cash using maximum 25% of the available bonus balance.
  3. There are no restrictions for withdrawing the cash which a client gets in exchange of the bonus points.
  4. Alpari can change the conditions of this exchange bonus points program at any time. It may even cancel the program without any prior notice.

Alpari is definitely making its clients happy by allowing them to exchange bonus points for cash. Do let us know if you’ll try to get the maximum amount of 150 USD every month by making use of this bonus points exchange offer.

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