Alpari Forex Bonus promotion ; up to 40 % on Deposits

What is Alpari Bonus?

Alpari Forex Bonus is a unique service within the Forex industry, where you can earn points that can be exchanged for cash or used to improve your trading and investment conditions.

Bonus Period : 2016 All Year

Available to : New and existing traders with

Joining Link : Alpari Bonus promotion

Earn Points!

Trade, invest, open and fund an account – even the most commonplace activities will reward you with bonus points from Alpari!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginning or experienced trader: the more active you are in the Forex market or the higher your trading and investing volume – the more bonus points you will earn.

Get Better Trading Conditions!

The currency of your bonus account is Alps (ALP). You can exchange Alps for cash or use them to buy discount packages to improve your trading and investment conditions, and get refunds on the spread, commission on making deposits, transfers…

Choose as many discounts as you like, and combine them to create your own individual trading and investing conditions.

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Receive Money Back!

Discounts save you money. When you have active discounts, you’ll receive a refund to your account each week. You can use your refund however you like – for trading and investing, move it to another account or withdraw it all together.

Spread compensation of up to 25%

The spread is the difference between the price of selling (Bid) and that of buying (Ask) a financial instrument at a certain moment in time. The purchase / sale price is formed depending on the best market price. Funds are spent on the spread both when opening and closing a position. It forms the bulk of the costs spent by traders when working on the Forex market. The lower the spread difference, the more profitable the trade will be.

When using this discount as part of the Alpari Forex Bonus Program, you can get up to 25% of your spread costs back.

Conversion commission compensation of up to 40%

When making a multi-currency transfer, there is a charge for converting the currency which can be quite high. When you make a multi-currency deposit, the rate is set by the company and differs from that of the central bank. You can calculate conversion charges in myAlpari.

By using this discount as part of the Alpari Bonus Program you can get back up to 40% of funds spent on conversion commission.

Negative swap compensation of up to 30%

A swap is payment for keeping a position open overnight. The swap exists due to variances in national banks’ interest rates in different countries. For example, you open a position to purchase EURUSD. To complete the trade, you sell USD, earning around 0.25% interest, and purchase EUR, whose interest on deposits is 0.05%. When carrying the position overnight the swap can add (if the interest on deposits is greater than the lending rate) or take away (if the lending rate is greater than the interest on deposits) funds from your account.

You can find out more information on holding a position open overnight and how the swap is calculated on our site.

By using this discount as part of the Alpari Bonus Program you can get back up to 30% of funds spent on negative swaps.


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