AccentForex Loyalty Bonus: 40% for Each Deposit

AccentForex Loyalty Bonus: 40% for Each Deposit

AccentForex provides high quality access to major global markets and offers a quality service at a specialized e-commerce trading platform.

AccentForex Loyalty Bonus: 40% for Each Deposit

Bonus Period: – 2014 All Year

Bonus Availability: – New and existing Accounts

Sign up for a Bonus Account here: – AccentForex Loyalty Bonus

AccentForex Loyalty Bonus: 40% for Each Deposit

How to join to program AccentForex Loyalty Bonus: 40% for Each Deposit

  1. Within the period of the program of loyalty, open and fund a new Micro, Mini, STP or Profit account, or just top up your existing trading account with amount of USD100 (EUR100);
  2. Submit a request in “My Profile” to order “Bonus +40% for Each Deposit”;
  3. Get “Bonus +40% for Each Deposit” from AccentForex company within 24 hours;
  4. Start to work and to earn money on FOREX!

AccentForex Loyalty Bonus: 40% for Each Deposit

  1. Trader must read carefully all these terms and conditions to get bonus funds. Since customer request bonus, its mean trader fully agree with current terms and conditions.
  2. Bonus funds can be credit to all account types: Micro, STP, Mini and PROfit.
  3. Bonus available after request from “My Profile”
  4. You can’t make any transactions or orders before you request bonus +40%
  5. Bonus funds available for any deposit that more than $100 (EUR 100)
  6. Total amount of Bonus funds can’t be more than $4000 (EUR 4000)
  7. There are can be 5 credited bonuses at one account at same time, not more.
  8. Withdraw funds from account or internal transfer bring cancel bonus. Bonus would be cancel in proportion to the size of the balance at time of withdrawal
  9. Since account credited with bonus +40% – it can’t take a part in any other bonus promo
  10. Bonus request would be proceed during 24 business hours since it requested
  11. Trader can request cancel all bonus funds credited to his account
  12. Trader can request cancel negative balance on his account. In this case, all bonus funds would be cancel too.
  13. Bonus can’t be transferred with internal transfer
  •  Bonus would be canceled according to point 8 of these rules after internal transfer
  1. Trader can trade bonus as ordinary deposit. Bonus funds support your margin while trading.
  2. Bonus funds is actual during three months after you get it
  3. Bonus funds is fully broker owned
  • AccentForex reserves the right to deny bonus credit without any explanation
  • AccentForex reserves the right to cancel all previously accrued bonus funds without any explanation
  • AccentForex have no responsibility (direct or no direct) for the consequences of cancellation (or no charge) bonus funds and encourages disregard bonus funds in the calculation of risk-management and / or trading strategies trader
  1. AccentForex can request any additional ID documents or personal data from trader to credit bonus funds
  2. AccentForex can change existing terms and conditions without explanation
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  1. Sergey says

    Offered this one bonus (they also got 35%), everthing is real, I’ve got bonus and traded with it. Helped me few times when I’ve got sag. increased margin

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