5K Daily Profit Club Scam? Read Our Review


5K Daily Profit Club Scam might be a good name redesign for this outfit, a company that purports to offer access to effective auto-trading software. Shady business seems to be the actual business they’re in, as we found in our review. 5K Daily Profit is another in a long line of likely scam companies attempting to take advantage of the growing binary options trade market. The main distinction that makes 5K especially egregious that that they actually promise a specific amount of payout daily in order to concoct a sales pitch to attractive to pass up. But our review investigation found that they are likely offering fraudulent binary options robot trading software instead. These are programs developed to select B.O trades based on indicators that are supposed to detect opportunities that are guaranteed to payout large winning amounts of money. But the only thing 5K Daily Profit Club seem to be able to detect are suckers who are easy prey for a potential con.

Scam Hints All Over

The most damning thing about 5K Daily Profit is the fact that they claim to enable anyone regardless of financial or trading experience the ability to earn massive winning payouts that those actually in the industry rarely see, if ever. The idea that there is a service that can give someone the power to subscribe and earn $5,000 dollars a day by doing absolutely nothing screams con job or get-rich-quick scam; yet people are still falling for such a service and preventing such fraudulent business from dying out or being discovered. It’s also insulting to those who have years of experience in forex trading and binary options trading and worked for years to accumulate their base of knowledge and contacts that someone can just sign-up for a revolutionary program and do what these brokers themselves can’t. This is because it’s obviously a lie and there are plenty of clues you can look for when doing your research into these companies that can tip you off as to whether or not you’re dealing with a reputable operator of a scam artist. Here are such clues we noticed about 5K Daily Profit Club from their site 5kdailyprofitclub.co that gave themselves away.

Review: Three Years? Really?

The most fabrication mentioned over and over again during the video presentation on the 5K Daily Profit Club that of CEO and founder of the 5K Daily Profit Club, James Samuels, over again about how this software has been around for 3 years. 100’s of people are now rich due to the “amazing” track record, he claims. Unfortunately, the domain name was only registered in September 2015 according to a whois lookup! And many of the video testimonials used and reviews on Google are from paid promotional sites.


forex autotrading robot


Also, a quick scan of Fiverr.com reveals that two of the people in the video are indeed paid actors being given $5-$15 dollars per review. Never is a verified trader or their identifying credentials given to help sell 5K Daily Profit Club. CEO James Samuels himself is not to be found anywhere online, and the reviews here are all generic and highly promotional while offering no real information about how 5K works. Just claims that guarantee you 5,000 dollars a day, speaking about how their traders have become seriously rich and how they can link up their trading system will be linked up with the free account you create with them. You’re merely meant to rely on 5K’s traders to make money for you. Even worse, you can’t pause or fast forward the video.

On YouTube there are other fake video testimonials like this one  


Empty Webpage

Also, their website is completely devoid of any background information and information revealing the types of strategies 5K’s traders uses to make five thousand dollars a day. They do have a simple FAQ section, but most of the questions asked are vague and promotional and the types of answers given provide no real information how all of this works. Then you hear about all the different things people who have bought houses and sports cars signing up with 5K Daily Profit Club.

Then you hear the typical “this is not a scam, don’t fall for others trying to scam you” spiel. This is a tactic con artists used to gain your confidence and convince you that they’re the genuine article The problem is, these people never give potential clients any specifics – just lofty claims and what you’re supposed to expect when you buy what they’re selling. Obviously, this is yet another company trying to take advantage of the popularity of auto-trading software and services and know that binary options trading is the fastest growing online trading niche anyone can sign-up for. And these companies know that it’s much easier to market such access to this software if you promise that the payouts will not only be consistent, by larger than those offered by their competitors. But as the old saying goes, if it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t. And a company that has to resort to hiring actors and making false claims about how long they’ve been in business with a mysterious CEO as its founder are definitely too good to be true.


It’s important to not let businesses like 5K dissuade you from doing actual research into genuine companies who offer software services that are honest and transparent in their business practices. The hallmark of such operators is their ability promise you a reasonable expectation and are up front about the volatility and instability of trading in general. A lot of it involves luck, but it especially pays off for those who make well-informed and savvy decisions when making binary options trades. When looking up such a service, be wary of websites that have very little information of their home page, no listing of experiences professionals and their credentials and is concentrated more on explaining how binary options work than showing your mostly examples of people who got rich.

An honest trading software service will give you reasonable expectations and advocate caution and patience when make such trades rather than boast about how much money they can make you. The only thing 5K Daily Profit Club seems to be advocating for is how much you should trust that they’ll earn to a fortune while not telling you how you’re actually being scammed.

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