50K Mission Is A Scam: Our Review Blasts It To Bits


The trophy for the worst binary options robot scam of the month goes to 50K Mission, an auto-trading robot that was created and introduced on the market by the bogus artist David Howell. Our review on it indicates that this forex robot is a total rip-off. Since we started reviewing systems, we have noticed that there are more fake than legit programs out there on the market; therefore, we encourage you to stay well-informed of every system that is out there so that you can find out the techniques that scammers utilize in order to entrap people in their web of lies.

50K Mission Review

After conducting some research based on what our readers emailed us regarding this system, we found out that a lot of them have signed up with this program. Unfortunately, their goal of making money was never attained, as they lost their deposit within just a few hours after signing up. The reason why many people have been ripped off by this system is because the team behind it decided to conduct a massive email marketing campaign. They thought that sending numerous emails promoting their program would bring them “beneficial results,” which it did. It is going to be very difficult for these individuals to get their money back. It is very unfair, but that is just the way it is.

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Based on Readers Feedback’s posted in Comments all over our site – many are saying that Ultimate4Trading and EZTrader are a SCAM. Our review of that product was based on only a 1-week trial. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Do Not Let Curiosity Get The Best Of You

The 50K Mission has ‘I’m a waste of time’ written all over it. Only a newbie in the field would fall for this mess. Of course, we don’t blame them, as when you are new in the field, curiosity can get the best of you.

The Team Behind 50K Mission Tries To Impress You With Wall Street Statement

On the official page of 50K Mission, you will be introduced to a video that states that this software came about when twelve months ago a group of Wall Street investors decided to get together to open the doors to some lucky people to have a chance in earning in one day more than the average person tends to make in one month. Seriously 50K Mission? You couldn’t come up with something better than this lame statement? What people from Wall Street are you talking about here? Why aren’t these “big shots” named in the video? When it comes to Wall Street my friends, there is no connection between it and binary options trading. Don’t fall for this bogus statement.

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The team behind this system should try harder when they get together to brainstorm their next bogus software, because believe us, this 50K Mission is getting negative reviews from a lot of people, and thus, it is more than likely its official page is going to be shut down very soon. This doesn’t mean that these people will go away forever, as people like them tend to not be satisfied until they steal millions of dollars. Don’t worry; we will make sure to notify you about their next systems as soon as possible so that you don’t fall for it. Make sure to add our website to your favorites so that you can be well-informed of every software that is on the market at the moment.

Guess What? They Want “Brave” People Only . . . LOL!

Another statement from this introductory message states that this group of traders wants twenty-five brave individuals to test the newest version of their technology. When I read this, I laughed harder than last summer when we saw my ninety-year old uncle Teddy dancing to Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. If this is a system that generates so much money, then why do they need ‘brave’ people to try it out? This definitely doesn’t make sense one bit. This helped us when it came to choosing the fake system of the month, as these statements are more ridiculous than the ones that we have heard of lately from other fake systems.

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The supposed creator of 50K Mission claims on his pitch video that there are only twenty-five spots left. Oh really? Then why are there so many average Joes stating online that they’ve already tried it and were ripped off? If you Google this system, you will notice that the number of people claiming that the 50K Mission is a bogus binary options robot is way more than twenty-five. These people were surely very brave when they opted for this rip-off. The truth of the matter is that the team behind this bogus system wants you to believe that there are only so few spots left. They want to pressure you with this tactic. A great percentage of bogus systems utilize this sales tactic. Even though it is a very old sales tactic, there are a lot of people who keep falling for it, especially those that are just starting out.

Nothing In This Life Is A Guarantee

The 50K Mission basically states that it is a piece of cake to make profit in the field if you have this system, but that is not the case. Binary options trading will always require you to input some effort. Nothing in this life is a guarantee; therefore, we encourage you to read about every credible software that we have reviewed so that you can know the pros and cons about it. There are some that are full of pros all around. Those are the ones that we highly recommend, but this doesn’t mean that you will never lose anything. Every now and then, things might not go as expected.

May You Please Do Us A Favor?

The 50K Mission scam is a system that you definitely don’t want to mess around with. Don’t you dare fall for it. As previously mentioned, the team behind it has opted to conduct an email marketing campaign. If you receive an email from them, do us a favor . . . reply and type in the link to this page and subject the email as ‘50K Mission . . . This Popular Website Is Saying That You Are Bogus.’ If you do this, they will more than likely click on the link, as they will be intrigued, and thus, they will end up shutting down their website, which is what we want. Thanks for your help.

Update – Once our review went viral, their YouTube account got terminated! Poetic Justice.

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Our friend Hannah calls it out!

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