250% Tradeable Bonus from Capital One Forex: Learn Everything about It


Capital One Forex is offering brokerage service from 2005 and it offers facilities as per the requirement of the clients. Capital One Forex allows traders to make use of MetaTrader (MT4) platform for trading. Capital One Forex’s latest promotion is the special $250 tradeable bonus that it is offering to traders. It wants traders to have more money for trading at its platform and that’s why it always has new promotions for all the traders. A good thing is that Capital One Forex’s promotions are mainly for all the clients.

Capital One Forex’s 250% Bonus Details

Capital One Forex knows that clients might be looking for best offers at the start of year 2016. This offer of 250% bonus of Capital One Forex is for old clients as well as existing clients. Only the clients who will be depositing $250 shall be eligible for the benefits of this promotion. Capital One’s 250% bonus is a special tradeable bonus for traders who want support for their positions and margin. All the terms and conditions about the 250% bonus offer of Capital One Forex are clear and that’s why this promotion is very beneficial for traders.

How to get 250% Bonus from Capital One Forex?

Here are the steps to follow for getting 250% bonus from Capital One Forex for trading purpose.

  1. Register an account with Capital One Forex if you don’t already have one as this bonus promotion is for all the clients.
  2. Deposit $250 in your Capital One Forex account as depositing is a must.
  3. Request for the bonus from Capital One Forex as then only you’ll be able to get the bonus amount from this broker.

Terms and Conditions of 250% Forex Bonus

  1. All the clients depositing $250 and fulfilling other conditions are eligible for 250% bonus from Capital One Forex.
  2. The leverage can be up to 1:1000 or it can be set as per the requirement of the client.
  3. Clients are allowed to withdraw the deposit as well as the profits as per their wish as there are no restrictions.
  4. Clients should know that there is no requirement of any minimum trade and at the same time there are no special hidden terms that apply on clients.

Other Promotions of Capital One Forex

$10 instant cash for those opening a ‘Rebates account’ is one of the other promotions which is currently been carried out by Capital One Forex. If you’re looking for rebates on trades, then you should check this promotion too. Other advantage for clients trading with Capital One Forex is that there are different types of accounts which can be opened including Micro, Gold and Platinum.

250% bonus offer of Capital One Forex has been liked by most of the existing clients as well as many new clients who have registered with this broker just because of this offer. Other brokers are also offering same type of bonus, but their terms and conditions may not allow you to make good profit easily. In the year 2016, Capital One Forex may come with many amazing offers for making its clients trade more regularly.

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