15K in 15 Minutes Software Scam Review


“15K in 15 Minutes System scam” is what they should call this app, as our review below reveals. It is yet another binary options robot being sold with highly suspicious marketing come-ons.  Not all trading robots are bad of course. We’ve reviewed several that actually work. However, 15K in 15 Minutes trading APP seems to be one of the dubious ones, and might be an all out scam. Our review reveals the details so that you hopefully don’t waste your money.

The 15K in 15 Minutes Scam Marketing

Wouldn’t it be nice if the 15K in 15 Minutes pipe dream were true? You want to believe it, but is 15K in 15 Minutes a scam? First off, the 15K in 15 Minutes claim comes across as simply outrageous. It is possible to make money using a forex robot or another trading robot, but not as quickly as 15K in 15 Minutes claims, especially not right off the bat. The claim comes across as ever more fraudulent when they claim a starting investment as small as $250. It is absolutely conceivable to lose your entire investment in 15 minutes though. This 15K in 15 Minutes sounds ridiculous, so 15K in 15 Minutes, show me the money.

Not only do they say you can make 15K in 15 Minutes the first time, they claim you can do this every 15 minutes. Really? Let’s see, that is $60,000 in an hour, $480,000 in the first day, $2,400,000 in 40 hours. Not bad. According to this math, you will be a multi-millionaire in one normal working week of your job now. In one month, you will have $9,600,000. Now, of course these 15K in 15 Minutes profits come with a caveat. The website says you can’t share this secret with anyone. Perhaps that is why you never hear about it, all those millionaires are keeping it a secret. The reality is that you will probably only lose $250 before finding out that this 15K in 15 Minutes system is a complete sham.15k in15min Scam Review

Review: What is the 15K in 15 Minutes Trading APP?

15K in 15 Minutes is an autotrading robot that works in the binary options market. The 15K in 15 Minutes robot claims that you need no training nor computer skills at all. The program claims that nobody has even done this before. This is believable, because the binary options market is a high risk investment that requires skill and mentoring from those that know how it works.

The 15K in 15 Minutes system is apparently a big secret, so secret that it never actually explains what it does. It claims that it has nothing to do with forex, stocks, penny stock, or other traditional trading instruments. Interestingly, the picture in the video shows an options site, but this is confusing because they said they were not using options before. In the end, this review still is not certain what the 15K in 15 Minutes software actually does, or if it even offers any type of software or APP at all for that matter. The only thing for certain is that these types of profits are unheard of in any investment instrument. The markets are simply too complex to be this predictable.

So what do you get for your $250 investment in 15K in 15 Minutes? It appears that you have to read the fine print in the terms and conditions to find out, but it is not entirely clear there either. It makes a lot of references to providing you with lists of links to other third party services, at least, that is what its confusing language seems to indicate.

The 15K in 15 Minutes Software Secret

The person in this video claims that his name is Phil Harris. Coincidently, this same name comes up in several other potential scam sites as well. This reviewer has to wonder if it is the same Phil Harris, or if this is just a lucky name. Phil Harris is such a common name that is it difficult to track down the one that is the binary options millionaire. We could not find him, but perhaps there is something to the Phil Harris name and its association with wealth. Who knows.

Their video is simply NOT credible.

You might also notice that these live updates on the site are the same, no matter what time you log into them. Their terms and conditions claim that these results are hypothetical, but that is not what their fast talking sales pitch says. Right in the Terms and Conditions, it later states that 15K in 15 Minutes is not responsible for accuracy of any claims made through its website. For a company that wishes to keep its software a secret, it certainly engages in a considerable effort to spam the secret out to the world. The big secret is that Phil Harris the millionaire makes $250 for every person who hears this pitch and is taken in by this likely scam. That was the only secret we found for this review.

This reviewer was able to find one credible piece of information on the 15K in 15 Minutes potential scam. In the Terms and Conditions, it states that it trades in the Forex market, which are highly challenging and risky. These are highly lucrative markets, but they are not for the average investor, and certainly not for the beginner investor who does not even know what FOREX means.

The Terms and Conditions warn you not to invest any money you cannot afford to lose. This is always good investment advice. It also states that you can lose more than your initial deposit and stake. Yes, you read it right, you can invest $250 and instantly lose more than that. They will then call to collect the rest that you owe them, which consequently can mount as quickly as the supposed gains.


Yes, this software is a moneymaking marvel, if your name happens to be Phil Harris or 15K in 15 Minutes. This advertisement was so “secretive” that there was no discernable information at all, just a repeated sales pitch based on impossible trade profits. The terms and conditions of the site, which are also a little known secret, advises you to seek independent advice before access the website. This review has saved you the trouble. It advises that you save your $250 and avoid a very likely scam. There are legitimate sites for binary options trading out there, but 15K in 15 minutes software is likely a scam and is not one of the legit ones.

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