Special Webinars from 10Markets: Best Trading Sessions


10Markets has become a choice for many traders as it has different account types which are Classic, Standard, Premium and even Tailor Made. One of the reasons to choose 10Markets could be the useful webinars. The dates of the live webinars are mentioned at the 10Markets website. Know more about these special webinars if you’re already a 10Markets client or thinking to open a new account.

For forex traders, 10Markets has Meta Trader, Forex WebTrader and also Mobile App. Binary traders can make use of the WebTrader or Mobile App. Security is always one of the important concerns for 10Markets and the webinars will help you in achieving your trading goals.

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Information Regarding Webinars from 10Markets

10Markets regularly has the live webinars going at its website. These sessions are very useful as they focus on growth and success of traders. Many sessions aim at reviewing the market conditions so that clients always trade according to the changing market conditions. These sessions even include analysis of the popular currency pairs and will recommend you some trades to make more profits.

The special sessions on risk management may make you understand that when you should take risk while trading. Fundamental analysis on indices and economical news both are very useful for all the clients of 10Markets. These sessions of 10Markets cover each and every aspect of forex trading and binary option trading making clients happy.

How to get the Benefit of 10Markets Webinars?

There are 2 ways to get the benefit of all these webinars. Choose any one of them so that you won’t miss out on this opportunity.

  1. Register and watch all the sessions live at the 10Markets website.
  2. Replay all the webinars free without registering at the website. You can watch the webinars only after the live sessions get over.

10Markets has even got special professional advisors who will help you while you’re trading. 10Markets is definitely the best platform if you want to become an experienced trader. Some brokers don’t have support available all the time, but 10Markets support always helps the clients on all the days. Don’t miss out to watch the live webinars at this broker’s website if you’re still struggling to achieve your trading goals.

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  1. says

    I just started to use 10Markets platform earlier this year as I have been learning a bit more about options trading through a mentor and I cannot believe the amount of tools that are given away for free. I asked some friends of mine who are money managers about it and to my surprise a few of them have moved away from their Bloomberg to use this. Other than that, good platform and great options tools!

  2. says

    If you are an experienced investor who needs to keep his options open with regards to tradeable markets and securities, look no further than 10markets. I’ve been with them since 2015 and absolutely love huge spectrum of exchanges available to me. Most of my positions there are for the long term, and are internationally distributed. You just have to be aware of interest rates for credit if you are buying in a foreign currency, or choose to convert some cash amount.
    I’m very glad with 10markets!

  3. says

    I spent 20 years in the investment business so I do know a bit about trading, getting good executions, the importance of keeping costs low, and customer service. I would give 10markets the highest possible marks.
    Would recommend them without hesitation to anyone,

  4. Jer says

    I’ve been with 10Markets for 1 year now, they are by far the best broker when it comes to customer service.
    *Customer Service: When I first started trading, I called and had questions, which they were happy to answer. When you call, you go straight to a person. You don’t have to go through 100 different prompts to get to an actual person.
    *One of the best and professional platforms around, and is FREE , Demo-too.
    *No Required Minimum: They don’t require you to keep a minimum balance in your account.
    * One cons: High Commission

  5. Zoe E. says

    Very good execution (best out there), cheapest rates and professional people,Michael Page is high-end,I’m his fan.
    Great customer service, Mary very helped mewith my document and first withdraw.
    Overal, Best broker

  6. Altavarish M. says

    I have tried over 10-12 brokers and am currently using mt4 with 10 markets. Been happy with them overall although nothing is ever perfect. Everytime I need customer support they respond very quickly. very happy now

  7. Morreno says

    I’ve used mt4 for over 5 years now and with 10 markets 2 years and have never considered switching to another platform.I’m very glad with them. They are extremely competitve when they dont have to be. Their product is fast and their customer service is untouchable. I only know this because I have numerous friends in the business (who trade on various systems) and they all agree that 10markets is the best all around .

  8. Michael says

    I just opened a day trading account with these guys and so far so good. It was a bit challenging opening an account, but got through the process. You need million documents and reference .I was with other group previously and I’m glad I made the switch. I was looking for a firm with fast executions and low commissions and 10markets perfectly for me! I’m one of those people that rarely calls customer service, and it takes something really serious for me to call. I’ve been trading for over eight years now and I don’t want to have any hassles that would cause me to have to call in. As long as I can log in and my buying power is loaded, I’m happy and no problems so far!

  9. Joel says

    I first began with 10markets trader given my limited finances and need for a broker with a low commission rate. Luckily for me, it would turn out that 10markets trader also offers a strong online trading platform and, in my experience, responsive customer service, though I will admit I haven’t used the customer service many times. Of course, for the low costs in commission, the fees for such things as data services do add up . so this worked out for me. Recommended for beginning traders with smallish account sizes.

  10. Asly says

    Great Customer Service, low commissions, free platform,forex and binary options both, professional analytics…what else is there?

  11. Aiman Wei says

    I’ve been with 10maerket a number of months. They offer many order types and a multitude of routing options. Also, they have an iPhone app. I use it to view my portfolio when I’m on the go, however, I do not use it to place trades. Compared to similar brokers, their commission schedule is fair, especially considering they waive the fee for if you place enough trades. Their customer support is usually great, however, some of their representatives can get cranky.

  12. Oliver says

    I’ve been with 10 Markets for a bit less than half a year by now and I’m overall content with their services, I’m trading both Forex and Binary (I really like their platform tho – it’s fast and comfy). The times I needed help I always got a quick response from the support.
    My broker is very professional and actually helped me a lot in understanding the markets, I like sessions with analysts as well.

    When I asked for a withdrawal it took some time – around 2 weeks – but I got the money back to my account. I traded with other companies that don’t release the funds at all so I know what to check amonst other things
    I’m used to this platform and I like the services provided and I know that I can get the profits so I would say they’re great

  13. QUME says

    As a novice investor and trader I’ve been in contact with the Customer Service Dept. probably 1million times, both on the phone and via the Live Chat on their website. I’ve been in contact with representatives on a Monday at 5 a.m. for help with my account and have always received amazing customer service despite having a relatively small account size. 10markets is a great trading platform, which they provide free of charge for active traders, with lots of filtering options for screening trades.

  14. Rehab Saliba says

    It’s best Platform,I just recently switched my account to 10markets a few weeks ago and its amazing. I’ve been learning some tricks with it and have been trying to watch more videos. I like to trade bo and forex on one company, its amazing.The only complaint is that sometimes its laggy but overall this is an amazing platform.

  15. Paul says

    A great platform for retail trader. I think 10markets is great and have no complaints after 1 year of using it. I don’t trade every day so am not bothered by the commissions or speed that others complain about. It suits my purposes perfectly. Only drawback is sometimes I think they have too many bells and whistles on the platform. Not a god daytrader platform but great for all others

  16. says

    They really cash out fast .A week later of cashing in, I was able to grow my deposit pretty much, more than by 150%. Until the last moment I thought that the broker wouldn’t pay it out, but I was sooo wrong… They cashed out all my money properly, earning my trust and respect by doing that. I started to trade with 10Markets about 3 months ago and after 1 month made my first profit. I came to this broker following the recommendation of my relative and recommend for all traders.

  17. says

    They really cash out fast .A week later of cashing in, I was able to grow my deposit pretty much, more than by 150%. Until the last moment I thought that the broker wouldn’t pay it out, but I was sooo wrong… They cashed out all my money properly, earning my trust and respect by doing that. I started to trade with 10Markets about 3 months ago and after 1 month made my first profit. I came to this broker following the recommendation of my relative and recommend for all traders

  18. Francisco says

    I had accounts with 10markets for several years (1year and 9 months) and was impressed with what they offered. Their commissions have consistently been lower than other brokers.
    The other thing I will say is that their customer service is superb. You can get a person on the line or linechat any time of the day, no matter where you are.

  19. Mang says

    10markets is a broker that suits a variety of people, including stock trading and options trading. I found 10markets 1 year ago and very glad with their platform and my personal broker. They also have a variety of articles and research tools available. I think 10markets’ strongest feature is there knowledge and professionalism of forex trading.

  20. Bert says

    I know that binary options hard to borrow stocks is tough. If you’re serious about short selling, it is imperative to open accounts with several brokers, i think. You can see the difference and compare. In addition I’m very loke support center, they professional guys with fast help and answers. Thank you

  21. Kaan says

    I signed up with them 2 years ago, but ended up trading on a bit through them because their commission ended up be higher than another brokder I use. In that time though I will have to say they had one of the better platforms out there. Comparable to bdb for options and they had even better tools for options scanning at the time. They also provide lots of free educational materials. However, 2 years ago I started with 10markets and I think their rates are great.

  22. Franko says

    I have no complaints with 10markets only praise, their online platform is great, ultra user friendly . As one of the younger online brokers they do their best to continually update and improve resulting in a powerful suite of browser based analysis tools. I personally love that their news feeds have the option to include twitter feeds also. My account was opened much quicker. Well one last thing, for beginners the paper trading account is the best out there and you have nothing to loose in trying it out.

  23. Dean says

    10Markets is good for investors and long biased active traders.


    Good trading platform.

    Nice attractive charts

    A lot of features on their website for investors.

    The application process was uncomplicated and no hassle.

    Customer service was good and willing to go out of their way to help me.


    Hard to find shares to short for small caps.

    No software or website to tell you what shares are available to short.

    Commissions are high.

    Terrible app.

    Overall 4 stars. Good but not perfect.

  24. Caleb says

    The web platform is getting better all the time. You can get lower rates and more leverage with prop but it requires a licensing process and more of an investment. I suggest you check them out. 10markets’ brokers are professional too. Recommend

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