1 Percent Ticket Software Review: Scam!


This review will look at the 1 Percent Ticket software, which has been causing a lot of speculation about whether or not this system for trading in binary options trading is a scam. We have researched their system very carefully in the course of the 1 Percent Ticket review and we allege that it is likely to be a scam. We advise traders against funding a trading account that is linked to the 1 Percent Ticket trading app, so that they do not risk losing their money .

The 1 Percent Ticket System

The trader who devised the system is only named as Jordan. He is supposed to be a highly experienced professional in the financial trading industry. According to what Jordan says in the video, his idea in making his successful trading system available to the public is a way to help more people do what he has done and join the one percent of the population who have the most wealth.

We could find out nothing about the creator of the 1 Percent Ticket System other than what he tells us in the video. There is no evidence that a highly successful binary options trader named Jordan exists, or that any of the claims he makes in the video are true.

Jason tells us in the video that he has helped to develop free binary options trading software that makes it very easy for anyone to start trading. The binary options robot does everything for you when you trade on autopilot. No special skills are required and the 1 Percent Ticket is presented as a very easy way to start making $5,300 a day.

The video clearly suggests that you could become a millionaire in a year by using the 1 Percent Ticket System software. Jordan states that he has made millions from the system and that some people are making more than $22,000 in a day with his autotrading robot.

1 Percent Ticket Trading Strategy

Unfortunately we were unable to find out from Jordan or his website any information about the sort of strategy used for his trading system. More importantly, there is no way of knowing what financial market indicators are being used by his 1 Percent Ticket Robot.

Limited Offer

We note that that 1 Percent Ticket website uses some typical scam tactics to try pressurizing you into signing up fast for the free forex robot. It claims that this is a limited offer and that there are only twenty-five places left.

In the video Jordan says the offer is only available for you and twenty-four other people. Of course anyone viewing the video at any time is told exactly the same.

It is likely that impression of being a limited offer is just a marketing method, and it is intended to make people think they must sign up immediately in order to access the free Percent Ticket System trading app.

Testimonials for the 1 Percent Ticket Trading App

We have searched online for unsolicited endorsements in financial forums and sites used by genuine traders, but without finding any anyone who claims to actually be making big profits with the 1 Percent Ticket trading app. To make matters worse, the sales page offers a testimonial with a stolen picture! See below:

The fake testimonial appears on the 1PercentTicket.com 2nd page:

They attribute the blurb to one “Cliff Tennezen.” However, this supposed trader’s picture is simply a stolen picture from some random biker found on the web:


One Percent Ticket CliffNeedless to say, stolen pictures are beyond suspicious!

On the webpage that opens up after you have submitted your email address we noted that the photos in the member testimonials do not look much like who the members are supposed to be. The endorsements these members give do not actually reveal anything a trader wants to know about what makes the 1 Percent Ticket system unique. They are only meant to show how those people are now living their dreams.

If anyone has really been making huge amounts of profit by using the 1 Percent Ticket robot for trading in binary options, they would surely be talking about it in some of the financial forums and sharing their good new on social media sites.

Funding a Trading Account

Although it is stated at the top of the website that no credit card is needed and everything is free, this is clearly a lie, because the 1 Percent Ticket requires you to open a trading account with a broker assigned to you by the website and obviously you will have to fund it with your credit card before you can start trading.

The minimum requirement for a deposit in a trading account is $250. This is said to be enough to generate $3,500 profits within a few days.

On the home page there is a Trading History chart showing how much has been earned from deposits of different amounts, from $250 up to $2,000. For example, an investment of $2000 is shown to return $45,000. However, there is no math to show how these trading results were arrived at and no third party proof available to back it up.

Is 1 Percent Ticket a scam?

We are very concerned that the 1 Percent Ticket website looks as if it has been designed to encourage people to get in quick and deposit a large amount into a trading account.

Although the minimum required for a deposit is $250, which is quite normal for a binary options broker to request, there is an obvious strategy here to entice people with no previous knowledge of the financial markets to place up to $2,000 in a trading account and to put their faith in the 1 Percent Ticket robot for making the most profitable trades. In our opinion this is likely to be a scam tactic to get people to hand over more money.


In this 1 Percent Ticket review we have revealed that it is no truth in the statement that by signing up you will be one of only twenty-five people who are allowed to use this particular autotrading robot. We have no idea who is behind it or what the trading system is based on, but you are supposed to believe it will enable you to join the richest one percent of people in the world.

We find it very difficult to believe the extravagant claims and there is no evidence that any of them are true. We strongly suspect that there is a 1 Percent Ticket scam and we do not recommend that anyone should take the risk of funding a trading account that is linked to this binary options trading robot.

Luckily, there are some good robots out there. Two that we recommend are Virtnext and Dow Jones Focus Group. Check out our reviews.

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  1. Arvix Third says

    I can’t believe that companies try to sell this way, even using fake pics just grabbed randomly from the net!

    Keep exposing all scammers!!

  2. Marcus Swain says

    1 Percent is a joke and so was their previous autotrader. These guys keep popping up every few months with another joke.

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